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Scared and lost!

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I really need everyone’s help. I am so lost and scared for my brother. Things have not progressed in any way or form. The Oncology doctor is now telling us to get hospice involved and that my brother has only 6 months to live. We are devastated and are not willing to give up. No treatment has been attempted due to his weakness. He has a feeding tube that took a week in the hospital to place. He had a CT Monday and they said the tumor has grown. Well, we knew it would continue to grow because they are not doing a damn thing. They will not touch him because his lungs show fluid buildup. They will take the fluid out of the left lung Friday. He is having difficult time breathing and becomes out of breath after just a few steps. They will not touch him with Chemo or Radiation due to his present condition. I understand that, but there has to be a way to improve his quality of life. He is feeling hopeless and we can’t let that happen. There always has to be hope! If we can get his strength built up then we could move in a forward motion to the next step. He has no energy and is very weak.

I am looking for suggestions or help from anyone who has gone through a similar situation. I have spent endless hours researching Esophageal Cancer and have read all of your comments to others and me. I so appreciate all of the care and concern.

I too am looking for a doctor in the Northern California area. San Francisco’s Stanford Oncology Center is where we need to be, but don’t know who to see that could possibly help us. Suggestions would be helpful. This is a difficult case as are all Esophageal Cancer patients. There has to be a caring qualified doctor out there that could help my brother.
For now, thank you for listening. Gail

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