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August 30 Jerry's Update

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Well, frell...

Got the results of the CT scan. Not good news. The chemo isn't working. The mets to the adrenals, especially the left side, are growing. I have a spot on my lung, and a nodule under the right shoulder blade. These are new.

My gum and chest tumor, even after having been blasted by radiation, aren't shrinking. Foo...

So next week, 4 hours in the chemo chair and then 5 days worth of chemo... every stinking week. And school starts (for me) on the 19th (classes on the 24th). I am just wondering if I'm gonna have enough ooomph to be able to handle 16 credit hours of teaching a week.


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Well Frell indeed, with bells on it.
I am so sorry to hear your news Jerry. You have been fighting so hard, the lack of response must be disappointing. You seem to love your job and given that I would think anything that gives you a purpose to get up and go every day would be a good thing. Is there any possibility you can take a lesser teaching load - maybe cut it down to 8 credit hours?

So hoping that the next round of treatment goes a bit better for you.

Hugs and FEC

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Don't let it get you down! I'm sorry it wasn't the news you had hoped for, but a new plan will surely do the trick! Keep pushing forward.

Prayers and hugs,

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I was really hoping you were going to get good news from your scans on Monday. I know you must be frustrated. You have maintained a positive attitude through all of this, you would think you deserved a break along here somewhere.

I wonder if you could support a reduced workload for a semester or two. I know when I was adjunct faculty at our local community college I really enjoyed working with young people and I think it would help to keep you moving forward.

I am very sorry for your bad news and hope things will improve.


Paul Adams
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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Jerry, I don't even know what to say. I know this has to be both disappointing and frustrating. I sure wish you could get a break. Hopefully, whatever the new chemo is, it will work. Keep on fighting the good fight. At least you have that fantastic personality--that's a powerful weapon in this fight!


DX October 2009: T3N1M0
November and December 2009: chemo (Cisplatin and 5 FU) and radiation
February 2010: Ivor Lewis surgery

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So sorry to hear that the current chemo hasn't done the trick. Hopefully a different cocktail will provide results.

Take what you can handle and no more. Don't do anything that would endanger us of losing your wonderful personality because you're too tired to post.

Hugs & Love to you and the family!


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Well,dang, Jerry! I've been wondering how your scan was and praying for good results. You are due some. I can only imagine the depth of your disappointment. That said, you are one spunky guy. I agree with what others have said about moving forward. But, a body can only deal successfully with so much at a time. My instinct would be to devote most of my time and energy to giving the new chemo regimen every possible chance to be successful. Could you cut back significantly on teaching for the coming semester and just do a little to get you out for a bit doing what you love?
Whatever you decide, we are pulling for you all the way!

Angie--just finished treatment (chemo 20 wks, lumpectomy, 30 radiation treatments) for BC
Wife of Larry--Stage IV EC Dx June 2011--being managed with periodic chemo

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I just want to send you love and support. I love your spirit and hope you are able to get results from your new chemo.
Love, Steph

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Jerry, you have been on my mind a lot. I was wondering how you were doing. This news just sux. I hate this news. Keep on doing your thing. Big big hugs. Gin

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Jerry, So sorry to hear of the results of the scan. Praying for God to give you strength to continue doing what you want, for a long time to come.

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Are they going to try a different chemo? Are there any clinical trials you might qualify for. I am sure you are disappointed after going through the chemo to have it not work on the cancer. I hope you find some relief soon and perhaps a cocktail that will get the cancer under control or at least not growing anymore.

Prays and hugs --- and good luck with school.


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Keeping you in my prayers as you navigate this bump in the road. <3

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Trying something new on Wednesday. I don't have any details yet, but as soon as I find out, I'll let youse guys know.


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Best wishes for the new treatment! Hope it works out!! Good luck, Jerry.


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