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I am curious if anyone has had success with Erbitux? I am convinced it is responsible for my successful outcome. Here is a website that provides information on the drug: www.erbituxhcp.com

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It seems more for squamous cell carcinoma than adenocarcinoma, but hey, I'm interested.

Which kind of EC did YOU have??


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My husband's initial treatment included Erbitux in a clinical trial. We both believe it was a major factor in knocking back his ec...which is squamos. He was NED for a year. When it returned at the same site they used other chemo drugs. He's still kicking after 3 years. A recent endoscope showed scarring and the same thickness, tiny they saw in 2011.

It was a blessing for him

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Erbitux is the drug they were going to start on my mom when she said she'd had enough. It sounded promising.

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My dad was Stage IV Gastric Junction EC (Adno type) with mets to the liver. He started a clinical trial of Erbitux and Ironitican at UPMC under Doctor Michael Gibson. After the completion of the first cycle the scans showed that the cancer had shrunk in the liver and was stable elsewhere and was working. Unfortunately, my dad developed an infection that he was unable to fight and he passed away before the trial was completed or he went into remission. The Erbitux worked for him when none of the other chemo combinations seemed to halt or slow down the progression of the cancer. I think that it could be a real breakthrough drug --- unfortunetly some of the recent trials have had mixed results and I am not sure where the reseach is heading. It is clear though that chemo agents designed to target the tumor and stop the replication of the cells or cut off the blood supply to the tumor seem to be the direction that new drugs and cancer treatments are going. It is great to hear you are doing well. Congratulations.

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My husband, Rickie, was also on Erbitux and Irinotechan for 7 months and it really seemed to hold off the progression of the disease. He also had adenocarcinoma that started at the junction of the esophagus and the stomach. Some of the side effects were not easy and as with so many chemos he would have a treatment, spend four or five days feeling terrible, just start to get over it for a day or two and then it was back for another treatment. He decided to basically set his own chemo schedule so he could have a chance to "live some life" as it were, and at that point the chemo came back with a vengeance. It was all downhill from there. I really think that sticking to the schedule might be the key, but I also understand what is the point if it makes you so weak and tired that you can't do anything else. I believe that these two drugs gave us 7 extra months that we would not have had otherwise.

Wife of Rickie, dx Stage IV EC, Oct 2010
Mets to bones and brain
Lost the battle Jan. 4, 2012

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