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Throat swelling starting to affect my breathing

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My throat seems to be more swollen after each rad. sometimes I feel like my breathing is being affected. I have 11 more rads and 1 big chemo. It's hard to believe that this is happening to me, and I wonder if I will ever be back to a normal person with a normal life.

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For sure you need to talk to your doctor about this. It may be as simple as taking some anti inflammatory meds.
I promise when this is all finished you will feel better. You will more than likely have a new normal but you WILL get better. You just have to climb up this crazy mountain a little bit more and then it will start happening. I remember being in exactly your spot and thinking the same thing and really believing it. Now at 9 weeks out I feel so much better and you will too. I'm sorry you are going thru this but in the end we are all happy we were brave enough to do it. Stay strong and check in with us lots for the pep talks, we'll get you thru this. In the mean time rest when you can, can't stress that enough and stay hydrated, that could also be why you feel so swollen.
Take care,

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That is one symptom I would not hesitate to call the after hours number on if I had to. Don't take any needless chances when there could be a simple resolution.

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Hey I know what you mean, no fun! Please first check with rad doctor ! If things seems o.k. with airway, ask about flexeril...I have used it for arthritis pain in back for years, and now use it for muscle spasms in neck....due to surgery nerve damage. Hope this improves and goes away for you asap ! Katie

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I would encourage you to tell your concerns to a member of your healthcare team. You can pick the person (doctor, nurse, or technician) who you find easiest to talk to. However, no matter who you tell, it will (should) get back to the treating physician.

I waited long enough with breathing problems to need an (almost) emergency tracheotomy, followed with a total laryngectomy. Don't follow my example. Rick.

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Are you sure some of that isn't from becoming raw, and drying out?

You are about at the time that both start kicking in. I never felt anything during treatment (rads), but a few hours later each time, I coul feel the dryness kicking in.

Definitely something to discuss with your rads MD. I had a follow-up each Monday with my rads MD to discuss where I was, pain, mentally, physically, etc...

More than likely, based on many here...you'll be back to normal, or at a new normal.

It took a few years for me, but I feel that my "new" normal, is my "old" normal again...just with a new awareness and perspective mentally.

Physically, I'm pretty much where I was before actually.

Try to stay positive, stay hydrated, and know that you'll get through this.


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top-notch advice above--if any possibility your breathing is being affected, don't mess around and run straight to the docs.

last week my ENT doc scoped me and commented on how swollen my throat still is--8 weeks after finishing rads.
it sucks, but it doesn't change my utter faith that I'm getting closer to normal by the day. you are too.
hang in there, and talk to the doc!

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i don't think you will ever get back to normal. after being told you have cancer you became special. so if i were to predict and i seem to be good at it you will be a special normal survivor.

prayers it does not continue to get any more worse than it is now.


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