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Riding that train again

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Well, it appears since stopping Avastin due to the heart medications, has allowed the tumors that were being nicely suffocated and in check, to roam free long enough to increase their sizes and be a problem.
The report reads as follows:
Impression: Interval development of suspected recurrent and metastatic disease with a new small, 5 mm pulmonary nodule in the right lower lobe, 4 cm (4.3 x 4 cm to be exact) right hepatic mass(that's in liver) and a 3.3 cm (3.3 x 3 cm to be exact)sigmoid mass seen in the left pelvis.
Darn it.
Winter Marie

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I am so very sorry for the news.

You have beaten the odds before, and I pray that you will do so again.


Marie who loves kitties

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Winter, I'm so sorry to hear about the recurrence, but I'm sure that you'll be able to beat those tumors down into submission. I'll be praying for you.

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This cancer stinks to high heaven. I had to stop Avastin too and noe my Dr has me on this 5f/u for 8 weeks then hope to try zaltrap. We just have to keep fighting somehow. Praying for you always. Jeff

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So sorry winter that the train made a stop for you and you have to ride it again.
But you can do it,you are in my prayers.
hugs, Marjan

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... and kick that crap !!!

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Just dam#,dam#,dam#. That's all I can think of to say. I know this is so disheartening, as you have been doing so well. Just put those a$$ kickin' boots back on again and stomp the heck out of it.



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I am so sorry to to read this, Winter. We all know how hard this news is to take.
Many prayers for your healing and some extra ones for renewing that "sh-t kicker attitude".

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I am so sorry to hear this. Prayers for strength and successful treatment plan.



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that train ride had to pick you up again.just remember you fought them down before so you cam do this again fight onward...Godbless...johnnybegood

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You will find way.


Ps these tumoursare a pain in the butt. Glad your hearts working.

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You've kicked the little buggers to the curb before, and you can do it again girl!
Go get'em!



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Crap!!! I was hoping when I opened this that it was going to be a "back to school" story and not cancer related. I guess you'll be meeting with onc. to come up with a plan of attack. Have you been on Xeloda during this time, if so for how long and what dose??

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No, I was supposed to be on it for 6 months after surgery, but only went 3 months, I couldn't afford it. Darn.
Winter Marie

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Kenny H.
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Had to stop treatment myself to.
Due to getting lung resections havent had any Chemo since Jul 2nd (avastin 4 weeks before that)
Anyway removed all nodes from one lung (jul 18th) doing other lung not till Sept 12th. Plus no more chemo can be given several weeks after that.
Just wondering with no chemo at all this long where/if its gonna show up next. Maybe I shouldnt opted for lung mets surgery? Dammed if you do kinda thing.

Hope you dont lose what you gained Marie. Did they say how long you would have to say off avastin?

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The Avastin molecule attacks VEGF molecules. So far my wife has not been forced off her immunochemo by her surgery or dental work. If she were, we would still be doing cimetidine (anti-VEGF) and IV vitamin C (histamine neutralization where histamine levels mediate VEGF generation). Basically as much of the LEF protocols plus IV vitamin C as we can safely get away with.

In fact when surgery or dental work is going on, her cimetidine intake may double and her IV vitamin C may double or triple to fight infections and rebuild tissue.

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Are all of these three nodules new or just the first one? I guess we all live with the truth that this cancer as a rule will advance and many of us are simply keeping things under control with what ever tools we have or choose. It is a pity that avast in can no longer be one of your tools (or is that still an option as it is ultimately a risk/benefit ratio decision as to whether to use it and it seems the risks of being off it may be worse than those of being on it) but there are other tools to look at. If I remember right ou have done a lot of the other conventionals and xeloda isn't possible (what about I've 5fu) so you may be a candidate for aflibercept or regorefenib.

I guess the bigger question is-how are you, both physically and mentally? This is never the news we want to hear but you always seem very robust in your posts. How is your current day to day quality and how much is the cancer currently impacting on your life? I do think these are all things we consider when we have think what the next stepp is.

It's is sad to be back on this train again but it is something familiar to so many of us. It really simply means another time to contemplate what next and some hard decisions. I hope you are keeping your head together and not letting yourself get overwhelmed by hat this might mean before you have had a good chance to talk to your team about next steps.

My thoughts are with you and look forward to hearing your next plan of attack,


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They're all new ones. Physically good, in school full time (16 credit hours only this semester), working part time, still babysitting grandchildren the rest of the time. Cancer doesn't really impact my life except for the time it takes to do all the cancer related things (dr's, scans, blood work, etc). Hoping I'll do good on the chemo again. Don't know if it will be surgery first then chemo, or chemo, then surgery. Waiting to hear from onc, so until then, life as usual.
Winter Marie

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I know you said you don't have details yet but do you know if they are talking RFA, wedge resections, or a combination?
They might be things to discuss...
Hope it goes well.

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Sorry for this news. Please let us know what the plan is.

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I am off Avastin at least temporarily after surgery. Even though restarting FOLFOX minus Avastin and stay hopeful that will be enough. I am so sorry that you are experiencing this nightmare but I remain hopeful that a way will be found to beat this. ((Hugs of comfort))

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I am so sorry to hear your news. What is the new game plan for you? I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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oh Winter Marie: I am so so sorry the train started up again for you. You are right....no one wants to hear those words but we do.

How are you feeling there girl????? you will get a plan forward soon ....

best love to you winter marie and thanks for the comments on the cabin pic


Brenda Bricco
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Dang it... I hate hearing that your back on the train.
Do I remember correctly that you are taking the cimetadine? :(
I will be thinking of you and saying some prayers.
GOD bless you.

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So sorry to hear that. Hopefully you can get those back in check or gone altogether.


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So sorry to hear that. Hopefully you can get those back in check or gone altogether.


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Sorry to read this Winter. Christopher will be starting chemo again after a summer off due to progression. Looks like he will go back on 5FU Avastin maintenance which has worked for him for over two years....Sending you big hugs

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I'm so sorry you didn't get better news. I really hope your docs can give you a new plan that will knock the little bastards out once again (sorry for not putting little symbols in place of letters...I'm too damn angry at cancer right now to worry about it). Many hugs, strength, coming your way~Ann Alexandria

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I am so sorry to read this, Winter Marie. Took my breath away. Prayers for you as you kick it down again.


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WinterMarie you have an amazing story. I just read your profile. I'm sorry the disease is back. You're a fighter and an inspiration. Isn't it amazing how you can feel fine and live life like normal but the scans read otherwise? Keep up the fight!

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sorry to read about this. keep up your spirit & kick butt attitude! know that you are in my prayers.

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Nana b
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Dang, dang, dang it! I hate cancer.

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Sorry to hear about your new troubles. Hope you can beat them all. Good luck!

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Oh Winter...hang in there. I had a very similar recurrance after stopping Avastin. I went on just plain 5FU and it got things back in check for almost a year.

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Praying things go very well for you in this next phase of the fight.


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Big hugs, you got through it once you can again. Just thinking of Buzz and what he said to you when you first got here with that picture. :-) Look how far you have come. Like it or not sending prayers your way and hugs.

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