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my new clinical study FFMMCC I think the author of this study is a genius or insane

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FFMMCC case studies and clinical study ( first draft )

Focused functional medicine for metastatic colorectal cancer. draft notes for a clinical study. This will happen one day very soon. I propose to use my case study as a template.

With a rising cea time is precious. So here goes, the approach here is my focus, not the merits of the underlining operational and tactical therapies. This is in a way a brief summary of the last 3000 posts here about health. and its just my opinion.

I am still filled with high hopes for my treatment based on my last conference and reading the metagenics functional and integrative approach to cancer. that i have read cover to cover twice and given a copy to metametrix as a summary of my current treatment plan.

The goal is to make health, peak health a goal of palliative care management. not stressing about targetting cancer cells. of course this is important but it needs to be balanced with all our other key functional areas of life.

so focused monthly management of comprehensive biological markers using the best tests from conventional medicine CM and functional medicine FM.

the team of 30 doctors i consulted with is challenging and rewarding and expensive. they all add valuable pieces to the puzzle with relevant clinical experience and advice. lots of contradictions and opinions. My posts here i apologise for are not always clear and may appear random, but the treatments have been shared for what they are time permitting and without regret.

many of us are taking supplements and making lifestyle changes including diet, exercise and meditation, stopping work. All of these therapies ( i use that word deliberately ) can be measured, guided and adjusted. they can be stopped, started, halted, restarted, modified. comprehensive test results at an operational, tactical and strategic level are what i propose our EXTENDED MULTIDISCIPLENARY CARE TEAM ( EMCT) needs to use.

Now my EMCT has over 30 specialists in it, some top doctors in sydney, finland, and the usa. I also have research scientists offering comments on specific areas of expertese.

based on monthly, bi monthly test results modify cancer regime accordingly. the goal is not
to cure cancer, but to go for life extension and quality of life. I propose that this integrative modal can replace or compliment conventional therapy on a case by case basis. Its clear no clinical trials can be done in this area. what i propose is well documented case studies. mine is the case in point. mine is not that well documented, but i have all the records, i would need a fulltime assistant to document the volume of advice and tests i am having. i still have to implement the lifestyle and medical issues and have a life. so i dropped the ongoing documentation as its not fundamental to my survival.

however as my care team has just become international the documentation issue is now a critical success factor. I am looking for a local colorectal researcher to help with this, maybe even a postgraduate.

Key industry support may come from companies like life extension foundation, metametrix, doctors data as well as functional doctors and naturopaths who want to be apart.

This clincial study is just my dream, its multimodal, multitargetted. and uses all the interventions i have posted about for the last few years. Now i am effectively doing this for myself. if i get support to systemise it, then i believe the approach has wider merit. yes the coffee enemas are an optional extra, but effective liver detox is not. neither is good nutrition.

I really believe we already have all the tools we need to radically extend the quality and quantity of our lives, but the juggling of treatment priorities with biological targets.

Achieving peak health despite some poorly behaved cells is a noble goal, its achievable with targetted lifestyle, diet, exercise , supplement and drug therapy. yes even chemo has a place for some.

I have put this on my blog as well. I will find a researcher willing to independly document my case. even that independence will give it more value and scientific rigour.

not one size fits all and time will tell, wise words that are true.

I say lets try many different approaches and sizes, sometimes simultaneously with the awareness that time is ticking and if we encourage good cells to be healthy. our cancers are all unique and we need unique solutions.

thanks for reading and sharing my dream. please be kind in your replies.

remember edison and the light. lets use his persistent approach to unlock our best health.
he had faith and persistence. how many times did he fail ?

my answer !! NOT ONCE, he learned something everytime he tired to make a light that worked.
look at how his persistance changed the world, it brightened it up.

have a bright happy day friends.


PS I have to thank everyone here that has educated me so much about our illness and its treatments and side effects. I appreciate your patience with my spelling and enthusiastic approach to my treatment.

to learn about our biological pathways and effective non toxic interventions from amino acids, immune stimulation, this list is so long ....

many of us are vit d difficient, some have nagalase issues, some have phase 2 liver issues. these are all treatable. some have catabolism.

with genetic tests, biological tests and great care, we can have great lives, even if we have some poorly behaved cells. its our job to educate ourselves and the bad cells to be good cells.

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I wish you luck and success as you embark on this venture.

However, my best wishes are for you to be well, no matter how you accomplish it.


Marie who loves kitties

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i visited my fourth onc this evening, he wants to support my study. he suspects my treatments have delayed the appearance of any mets. he wants me to keep on them. he wants me to do another pet. its been 6 months.

he is an open minded oncologist with an integrative leaning. thalidoide, low dose uft. i know have an onc who supports all my alts, who will make chemo recommendations when and if needed.

he joked and said irinotecan comes from a plant. so all my botanicals must be doing something right.

thanks for the kind wishes.


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