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Cholesterol/sugar worry with extra calorie diet

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Since we are taking extra calories which at times comes as fat or sugar, do we have to worry about cholesterol increase or blood sugar?

I am taking so many extra calories but not able to gain any weight. I do have energy.

Before treatment my cholesterol and sugar were border line, i am worried that i might increase it more than needed.

Or so far as there is no weight gain, so does it mean i am using up all i am taking and do not need to worry about cholesterol/sugar levels?


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I'm pretty sure you're using it all up. My doc said metabolism basically increases with radiation and the presence of a tumor, or something to that effect. I would think unless you have a serious disorder, all of those concerns should take a back seat until later. Of course, I'm no doctor :o)

By the way, my blood pressure was out of control and once I started treatment it went textbook perfect.

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live first, worry second.


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With your routine blood counts and labs, those should be monitored as well...

Unless you had problems with that going in, more than likely it won't be a problem during the short (relatively speaking), time of recovery.

I kept copies of all of my blood work as a way of tracking the effects of chemo and such...

Always check with your MD's...


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Hi Sam,

I add protein powder to my smoothies (less calories from fats). I thought the radiation zapped my extra cholesterol. Oh well, woe is me.



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Thanks everyone for the responses. It seems no need to worry for short term. I will get my blodd work done in next visit just to be sure.


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Same problem here, after the PEG was installed I am eating 3 times more they before and can’t gain one pound. The GI doctor at Tulane said not to worry about it and that more then likely I am using just what I need and getting rid of the rest.


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D Lewis
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Took me two full years after treatment to begin putting the weight back on. I figure that before that, I was burning up all the calories with healing.

I don't eat sugar, as I can't much taste it. I do eat olive oil and butter with my foods. My bad cholesterol level is high, my good cholesterol level is very very good, and my levels exactly match those of my parents, who are both in their mid eighties, and otherwise active and healthy with NO heart or artery issues. I've made a deliberate choice to NOT worry about the cholesterol.


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