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Stage 4 Cholangiocarcinoma

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Hi Everyone

To those of you that can help with my situation that would be great. I'm 17 and is looking for any treatments that can help my dad. Thanks.

My dad was Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cholangiocarcinoma Mid July of 2012, he has had treatment 3 times and the doctor has decided to stop. The reason is that the tumor has grown to a bigger size. We have obtained CT scans on disks and I have realized that it has spread. I am lost and I don't know what to do anymore.

Any type of information for a cure would be great.

You can email me at stephen210huang@hotmail.com if you have any info for a cure or just some feedback. Thank you.

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Stephen,  I don't go here too often as few have Cholangiocarcinoma.  But I do and have survived well since early 2010.  I am sorry to see that you had no responses.  I do hpoe that your Father was eligible for some other treatment and is a survivor.  Top doctors and second opintions are the key.  Some doctors give up way too early.  I will write to your e-mail address too.

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Hope you are even more stronger and doing well!  My father was diagnosed with inoperable Stage IV Cholangiocarcinoma in May 2015. He was brought to the hospital in a severely jaundiced condition and ever since the doctors have placed 2 stents to relive the biliary obstruction. His bilirubin levels are at 5 now, but had reached 24 at one point of time. His oncologist have told us that they can't start chemotherapy until the bilirubin level falls below 2.5 atleast. His general condition has become very weak, as he has lost around 12 kgs of weight in the last 7 weeks itself. We are based out of Delhi, India. I'm looking for further guidance. 

Best, Poonam

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my dad was also diagnosed just a week ago and told surgery and or chemo would not make much difference. i am looking to get a second and third opinion at sloan kettering and also dana farber but also interested in finding alternative treatments with less side effects than chemotherapy. there is also low dose chemotherapy/radiation, targeted chemotherapies, immunotherapy and stem cell transplant which strengthen the immune system. I also read recently that an artificial liver is available for trials as well as liver transplant.

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