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post chemo effects

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I am six weeks post chemo. I had 4 rounds of A/C and 12 rounds of Taxol and finished mid-July. My bone and joint pain is fading, my energy is coming back, and I have a full head of hair again, but in the past couple of days, my eyelashes and eyebrows have fallen out, and my nails are numb and turning black. Does anyone have experience with this? I wasn't expecting this turn of events at all. Is it common for the effects to be this delayed?

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Hi Wirak. I did not have chemo as part of my treatment. I just wanted to be sure that some of the pinks sisters that have will see your post and reply.

Congrats on being done with chemo!

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Boy, was I surprised when my eyebrows and lashes fell out again! What a kick in the butt - just when you think you are thru - then pow! I can say, I had one more, not so dramatic fall out about 3 mos. after the 2nd dropping. They are now back like the old days - maybe, even better! I was told at radiation that it's been known to happen. Cell cycle growth blah, blah, blah.

I hope everything grows back very thick and lustrious. I had forgotten how "wonderful" it is to tweeze the brows but I actually, smiled while doing "em!


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yes - I think it may be less uncommon than one might think. My eyelashes didn't start falling out until my hair started growing back in. They also take a long time to grow back in - for a long time I swear it looked like I had taken the pinking shears to my eyelashes!!


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I did not have too many problems with eye lashes, but my nails were a night mare for a few months. When they started to get back to normal they were better than ever before. I love my hands now!!! I had a double mastectomy (scars), dental issues (partials), anal cancer (colostomy!!!) varicouse veins (support hose), .....but, I LOVE my nails! LOL Good luck, hope all continue moving forward!

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Thanks to all of you! My eyelashes look awful, and my nails look awful, but I am encouraged that it is just temporary and this delayed effect is normal. I've never been a paint my nails type person, but I'm thinking about rethinking that!

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