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My Dad was just Diagnosed with EC- Please help!

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Hi my dad who is 77 years old had trouble swallowing his food about a month or so ago would have to throw up every time then the liquids would not stay down, Dr thought it was from his pradaxa so sent him home until it got so severe he got another dr who immediately sent him in for an x-ray which did not show anything so they did the scope down his throat with a biopsy which showed a very large tumor on his esophagus. Which proved to be cancer. (adenocarcinoma) The cat scan and Mri both showed a tumor on his lungs. stomach and pelvis. Pet scan only showed something on the pelvic area, they first said it was stage 4 but now saying that maybe it was just shadows. He is not a candidate for surgery as he had a valve replacement on his heart several years ago. Other wise was in good health. He ended up in the hospital last Sunday because of dehydration. He will get a feeding tube in this friday and a port for his chemo. He will have 28 days of radiation starting on Sept.4th and chemo (carboplatin/taxol) every week for 5 weeks starting on the 6th of Sept. I guess my questions are, is this a normal regime for stage 3 or 4 and does it seem like they are taking there time to do all of this? Also, what is usually the outcome for EC in those stages will the treatments help w/o surgery? Sorry for such a long post, I am so worried about my dad and have been crying nonstop for a couple of weeks when we found out.
Also want to say that I am a lung and breast cancer survivor and am no stranger to how chemo effects you.But feel like this will be more of a fight for him.
Thanks for any advice. Hugs to you all.

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I just wanted to welcome you. I am sure you will find some of the answers that you are looking for from all of these fine folks on this site, but right now I just wanted to tell you that I will be thinking about you and praying for you and your dad today. Stay Strong.

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I too wanted to welcome you and let you know that you will find excellent support here. I'm a newbie, just joined this forum in June, but have gotten so much good inforamtion from the warriors here. I'm sorry that you have a need for us, but rest assured you have come to the right place. The time frame you mentioned seems just about right. I too was frustrated that treatment didn't start until well into a month since diagnosis, but all the testing needs to be in place before effective treatment can begin. Hang in there!

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Just wanted to say thank you very much for the welcome looks like a very caring thread here.

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My dad is 67 years old and he is stage IV with mets to his liver and bone. The palliative treatment they have given him sounds familiar for Stage IV EC. Not sure about surgery with the heart valve issue your dad has, though. I'm sure someone here has some insight on that. Have they mentioned if the tube will be a j-tube or a g-tube? The j-tube is a better option if he can't keep anything down. Also, my Pops has a port. Good idea. Makes things a lot easier. They should be giving him fluids to keep him hydrated. If they mention "stent"... get all the facts before you let him agree. The outcome with treatment without surgery is extension of life. There are many things you can do to slow the cancer down, but chemo and radiation are a good start. Hopefully you can get to an EC Specialist in you area for another opinion. There isn't really time to be sad. If you want to fight the Beast with your Dad, then don't waste any more time crying. Get on the internet. READ EVERYTHING you can! Ask questions, go to the appointments with him. Be active in his treatments. Don't give up! We are all here for support! Best site I EVER came across. You're in luck here.

Keep us posted! Best wishes for you and Dad.


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You shouldn't have to go through cancer again, but here it is. Cry your tears, and put on the armor for your Dad. Hugs for you to.

Someone asked we once is it better or worse to know what is coming in cancer. My response is it isn't better or worse, but just different. There are things that are similar in cancers, but EC (just my opinion) is very specialized.
If you feel they are going too slow, then they probably are.
Also make sure you know what your Dad wants.

My husband did have dehydration issues so it is good you got him right to the hospital. He was on Oxiliplatin,FU, Hersaptin. They should test for being a Hersaptin candidate.
I'm not sure about valve replacement and the impact on surgery. My only suggestion for your piece of mind and your dad's health, talk directly to the surgeon do not take the word of the med. Onco or Radiologist.

There are some great people on this site.

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Tina Blondek
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Hello Angel
Welcome to our family! This is one of the best sites and pages you can find to help you and your
with your journey with EC. We have all experienced EC in some way, shape, or form. We are always
here for you, any day, anytime, for any reason. My dad was dx with EC in 11/08. He could not
have surgery due to other health issues. He received 6 weeks of oral chemo and radiation. He
did quite well the whole first year. The tumor shrunk in size, and he was able to eat better
once again! This is when his story changed.....in Dec 2009, he developed severe pain in his right side.
His skin had started to turn yellow. Rushed to hospital, ultra scan done, blockage found in the
bile duct of his liver. Stint put in bile duct to bypass blockage. Ultra sound also showed more
lesions on his liver. The EC had mestaszied to his liver. This can and does happen. Long story short, my dad put up a good fight, had a good year, but lost his battle with EC on March 9, 2010.

This experience I had with my dad and "our" battle with cancer bad, ugly, and actually "good"
believe it or not in a way. This EC brought my dad and our family closer together. This EC
made us all realize how important our family was to us. We communicated our thoughts and feelings toward each other more, we showed our love for one another more, we confessed our love for "God" also.
In my dad's last year he made Jesus Christ his savior. My dad finally "got it!" This act was tremendous for our family. Yes, my dad had EC, yes my dad and we suffered, but....I can honestly
say that I know my dad is with the Lord now, and I know we will be reunited once again and spend
eternity together in The Kingdom of God!

I am hoping this helps you and your dad. May you, your dad, and your family be blessed with the
strength and peace you will all need with this difficult journey with EC. Please do not hesitate
to lean on us!
Tina in Va

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Welcome to the site. I am a newbie myself, only a member for a few days but this is a great place for information and support. Your Dad, you and your family have a big battle ahead of you. Just want you to know we will all be in your corner, praying and rooting for your Dad. Never Ever Give Up.

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You are all so wonderful for replying to me so quick and I thank you so very much. I am so sorry for those of you who have lost a love one with EC. Your stories touched my heart. My sister is flying here from Hawaii next week and we will both drive down to see my dad. I live about 5 hours from him so have not been able to be there every step of the way but his wife and my brother is so that is some comfort. My dad will get a port in this Friday I thought it was for his chemo but maybe it is for his feeding tube? Or maybe both wasn't sure they could do chemo and the feeding tube from the same site. Not sure if it is the G or J tube Have only heard about the J tube, so I will make sure he is getting that one instead. Again thank you all for the welcome and for your advice it helps more than you know. Prayers and hugs to you all.

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