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Scar removal products

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Almost everyone on this board had initial debulking and possibly other surgeries.
So I can safely assume everyone has surgical scars, new or old.
In my obsessive preparation to my upcoming surgery, I have been researching scar removal products. I am planning to start using them as soon as the incision closes.
Based on internet reviews I narrowed them down to:
- 100% silicon sheets (ScarFx, ScarAway, Mepiform) or
- 100% silicon gels (ScarAway, Kelo Cote, Scarprin).

1) Have you had experience with those products or others and what is your opinion?

2) How long is the vertical scar after total hysterectomy?
Does it go above your belly button?


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I have used a product called Bio-oil you can purchase it at a walgreens or walmart it seems to have had a little effect even thou my oncol. says nothing works for scars its still a nice product and not very expensive and it works well for other things as well. And about my scar after hysterectomy it does extend way above belly button however it may for me be because the cancer tumors they removed from me where like i gave birth to two Aliens they were massive

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Generally the incision starts a few inches above the navel, down to the pubic bone. The best treatments I've found for scars are vitamin E oil and castor oil. You don't want to prevent scar tissue from forming, so you'd want to use the vitamin E oil right way. You do want the incision to heal. when it is completely closed up, you can start with the E oil. It does slow the healing process, that is why it reduces the production of scar tissue, so you'd want to be careful not to interfere with the healing. Once it is completely healed, and just a nasty red scar, use castor oil packs. You can start this at any point. I started using them regularly over a year after treatment to dissolve adhesions. In a couple of weeks, by scar was barely visible.

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Glad to be done
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I agree with Tethys41. Viramin E oil. I bought mine right at target It worked like a charm. I still have a scar but instead of being dark purple it is very faint purple.

As far as the cut - my doc told me it would go a little above my belly button but when they got in there they started right below the button and were able to do the surgery without cutting higher....


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My scar is about 9 inches long and starts about two inches above my belly button. I totally understand and sympathize with women who want to do what they can to minimize the scar, but I'm actually okay with my scar. I see it as my badge of honor and courage.

Take care,


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I have a 27-year-old old-school appendectomy scar and it never bothered me.
I don't know why I overthink and obssess over every minor detail of my fast approaching surgery. I blame it on the chemo brain.

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