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I had my PET earlier today, and of course it came back worse than I had hoped, but no uptake in my Liver or other soft vascular organs in my abdomen.

As expected I had uptake in the 3 nodules in my right lower lobe, and also had uptake in a Lymph Node in the Subcarinal and Right Hilar area. A Transbronchial procedure is set for 9-7 with the expectation of either being able to remove the nodes with clean margins, or get enough for a biopsy so we know what we are up against. I know it is not cancer until the biopsy says it is, but I am pretty scared. The good thing is I and my family have been through this once already and we kind of know what to expect with the issues of treatment. I have to think this time surgery and treatment should be "a walk in the park" as compared to Head and Neck treatment. I expect this surgery to me much more painfull than the neck dissection, but that is why god created comfort through good pharmacy!! My Lobectomy is still set for 9-17 unless the 9-7 procedure dictates otherwise.

Looking for positive thoughts, but more important, anyone who has already walked a mile in these shoes for some advice.

Staying strong and positive as usual.



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Unfortunatley not the news we would like, but sounds like a plan is forming to handle it.

I can offer you my support and definitely my positive thoughts and prayers for you my man.


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Round 1 went to the survivor! Round 2 will go to the survivor with a KO!

Love that statement "Staying Strong and Positive as Usual!"

I have been thru two wars plus the addition of necrosis, hell man you don't have to keep up with me. I sure look forward to many more years of sharing posts with you.

Prayers going out for you and your family


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just had to let you know i am doubling up my prayers with an edited copy post.

be strong be a fighter..... be a winner!


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Hi Mike,

While I’ve only walked a small part of a mile in your shoes, I can offer many miles of positive thoughts and prayers.

It does sound like you and the doctors have a solid plan and you have the family to back you up.

Well wishes,


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Don’t be afraid my brother it happens sometime that we have to go through this more then once. I will tell you one thing it will do and that is to get you even closer to God then ever.

You and your family are in my prayers
Tim Hondo

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I'm sorry about the news you got and my prayers are with you as you enter this next phase of this journey. Thankfully it sounds like you have a great family to be by your side. I can't tell you anything about your upcoming treatment as my cancer was different from yours but I am hopeful that you will find someone on here who can guide you step by step.
Keep staying strong and positive!

Kent Cass
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Very sorry that the PET came back as it did, but you're 100% right about it not being C without a biopsy confirmation. Other possibles out there, Mike. My Dad had a kidney removed in Iowa City years ago when he was 81 (!) because of a Quarter-sized growth. After the Op his Surgeon came in and apologized- benign. And around 7-years ago I was having lung/congestion problems and my regular Dr sent me to a Pulmonary, who started talking about this, that and the other involving an Op that he was wary of because of the location. I talked him into putting me on antibiotics for a month, which he did, and before the month was up I went to a competing hospital system's Pulmonary Drs, who did another CT a little over a week later- all clean! I know your's was a PS, but the moral of the story is that it is possible there's something else in play...Whatever it is, Mike- play it as it lays, and deal with it in like kind to how it wants to deal with you- find a comfortable degree of anger, and fight it without holding-back: error on the side of the aggressive. You're a C Survivor, Mike, and we don't take kindly to illness trying to get in our way to living the life we want. Whatever this thing is- you will be the only one in the ring standing at the end of the fight.



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Tonsil Dad
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Not the news we all wanted to here from you Mike, but you've got
the support and all the prayers from the 'family' on this board to
help you get through this. God preforms miricles everyday and I
think its time for one to go your way, you deserve it.
Prayers and positive thoughts are heading your way.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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As you said Mike, not the greatest of news. But I am hopeful that you will come through this one also. Can't offer any advice on this except "Stay Strong" and know my thoughts and mojo go out to you. C'mon Big Guy, you can do it. Cheers.


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You have all of our prayers and thoughts sent through out ! You didn't say if their going only on the Pet results or follow up scans ? You sound positive and sounds like a great team and family support ! Keep us posted please, and know you can and will get through this bump in the road ! Katie

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I'm a newbie compared to you and many on here...so I can't offer any advice...but prayers I can and do.

Always amazed out how tough the non-newbies are on here, even when they are scared....so I'm expecting a win out of you whatever this turns out to be ...and let's start by praying it NOT "c" ..



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Hey Mike,

Sorry to hear the not so good news. I do like your attitude which will help in your recovery once more.

Stay strong,


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I'm holding stready on "it's not cancer till they say it's cancer". You sound good, tho....mentally and emotionally....scared doesn't count unless it creeps into our inner will...

Sending positive thoughts and prayers.


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Hang tough old friend. Time to draw on your powerlifter focus and tenacity. You're going to slay the beast!


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D Lewis
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Damn. So sorry to hear this news, but hoping for the best possible outcome. Sending good and healing thoughts your way. Strong and positive; you CAN do these things.


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jim and i
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So sorry to hear your results were not all clear. You and your family have my prayers for comfort, peace and complete healing.

Blessings Debbie

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Pam M
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I know no one said life was fair, but - Bleep. A lot of us keep thinking "After this, I deserve to land on 'Free Parking', and get a pass on additional health issues. Unfortunately, you got 'Go to Jail'. So now you need to roll doubles to get out.

I wouldn't know, but I'm afraid I agree that your next surgery will probably be much more painful than the neck dissection. I also agree that we need to be grateful for pharmaceuticals. Hoping the removal of the nodes poses no problems, and the testing brings relief. Hoping hard.

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Sending prayers your way for tomorrow. God Bless!