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Look Good Feel Better

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'Look Good Feel Better' (http://lookgoodfeelbetter.org) hasn't been brought up recently in a thread of it's own for a while - so with many new ones seems like a good time.

It's a class for women (and men) for those going through BC to educate on so many levels - make-up, skin care, wigs, etc.. It is through the ACS and Cancer Centers. You will be given a 'bag of goodies' that are donated name brand products. There are namy different tips given on so much.

No 2 classes are the same. I've been to 2. The first one wound up with me giving the wig I'd been given by the BC Navigator at my Center to a lady that it was much better for. BUT the Hairdresser who did the presentation had been sent a wig from a manufacturer a little while before (a frosted Gypsy) that she thought she'd never find the right person for - she did - me.

Check the classes out and go.

Winyan - The Power Within


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I very much enjoyed my class and highly recommend them. Thanks for bringing it up Susan.

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I am so happy you are keeping a mindful eye on our newbies!

Strength, Courage and Hope for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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If I have to have chemo, and I lose my hair I am CONVINCED I will look like one of Cher's back-up singers. Not enough make-up and skin care techniques in the word to help me....Two words: TRAIN WRECK

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Now .. that's funny! a Train Wreck? I think you will be beautiful without
hair .. it will be your 'badge of honor'.

How is it that I know this, because I've been there, done that. It is truly difficult,
but somehow .. I managed.

If you ever need a shoulder to cry on .. I am here for you. Private message me if
you like.

Bald is Beautiful ... as it tells that world that we are FIGHTING for our lives :-)

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Oh, yes - go to one (or more)!

Feeling like you look a bit better really does help you feel a bit better! Not even to mention - there is a nice lunch provided (at least here in Tallahassee) and you receive a "goody bag" that has easily $200 worth of cosmetics....

My favorite tip - how to make your eyebrows look more natural


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I've been tocouple, love it. We get a bag of make up and a free lunch also. She gives a lesson on ho to apply make up.

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I am a big supporter of American Cancer Society programs. I have attended the Look Good, Feel Better and really learned a great deal and many of the ideas really made an impression.

They also supplied me with a wig, post surgical bra and after 90 days a mastectomy bras and prosthesis. Apparently every 2 years a new bra and prosthesis.

Reach for Recovery was another program that helped. Everyone around you are trying to understand what you are experiencing, but your team member from Reach for Recovery is matched to your type of cancer, treatments etc. This person really helped me to be able to talk through my feelings and found they were similar to others. I was not alone.

Take advantage of all of their programs, the programs are for you to help you through this time!

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