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No longer life of the party

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Might be a strange question but its been 4months since chemo and i finally went out to have drinks with friends and it seems like alcohol has no effect on me is that obviously because of all the drugs/meds/chemo Im going to continue to test the theory however how does anyone else seem to react

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of a drinker but I do like an occasional wine cooler or glass of wine. I had a glass of wine on Friday night when we went to listen to music and I got a buzz. I use to be able to knock back a few drinks but I have noticed in the last few years that my tolerance is low. I think it has more to do with my age than the treatment I went through.

I am glad to hear you are going out and having fun.


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Hi Karen thank you for your input I wish all of this would just go away. Im only 43 years old and since this happened to me everything has changed my whole life actually I used to have so much fun now i can barely get around and we are trying to find out why i keep gaining weight its been almost 50 pounds since the surgery and chemo and i am an extremely active person and i follow a strict diet any ideas why. Im going for more blood work going to check tyroid again .Thank you again for chatting with me

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I used to love to drink before I ever got chemo and now I dont enjoy alcohol anymore. Not the taste but the feeling, Its like it makes me feel sick and kinda reminds me of the way chemo made me feel. Very rarely Ill actually enjoy it.

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Hello Alnik:

After surger(ies), chemo and brachytherapy, I gained weight over 30 pounds. I even asked the doctor about it and was told because "Americans eat too much". But I wasn't eating much but I just couldn't lose it. That was back in 2005 when I was 45 years old. I just now finally lost weight and am actually below the weight I was at my initial surgery.

I also had a hard time exercising during that time because I had a HUGH hernia from the surgeries. I looked so lopsided. I had a recurrence and in 2010 has surgery and at that time they also fixed my hernia.

Last August, we made a "family" eating change. We now eat fresh vegetables when we can, fruits, greek yogurt, and try to stay away from processed foods. We also do not use any artificial sweetners at all. (I used to drink a lot of diet sodas) As soon as I gave up the sodas I started to lose. I know I probably can lose more if I exercised more but working a full time job just plain tires me out. My husband has lost a total of 120 pounds from last year. My sons are also doing well.

I do have to note, though, that I did exerience some slight stomach problems getting used to the diet which I checked with my doctor but it was ok.

Don't get discouraged. I know during my first few months of chemo I did have some of my favorite "comfort foods and sweets".

However, always check with your doctor about weight gain.

My Best to you.


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While on chemo my husband and I took the "wine and cheese" tour of Niagara Falls winery. I could taste different wines just fine and got a little buzz.

I did not like the taste of Jack Daniels at a party the following week, but downed vodka cranberry like a champ.
Hits you harder when on pain meds (percocet, oxy) or anti-anxiety (ativan) meds - or so I heard.

Next week is my husband's 50th birthday, and I plan to get smashed. If only to forget for a minute about my upcoming debulking surgery.

And you can be the life of the party without alcohol, at least that's what I keep telling my 18-year-old daughter.

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Thanks girls you have made me laugh. I would love to down some vodka crannberries!!!!!!!! I do try to be the life of the party still but its a little more difficult now trying to dance on top of a bar and hold onto my wig at the same time haha!

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Love your sense of humor! I'm actually not a drinker myself but am glad you're taking advantage of chemo ending and enjoying yourself. We only live once!


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