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Pink Bus request for family member *Baby Whisperer* Thursday

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Hi Ladies. I have a family member who was recently told she has breast cancer. She has had biopsy and pet scan, but will not have results until Thursday. She is scared and concerned about what's to come. I told her of this site, and how wonderful you pink sisters are. I know she has been checking out some of the posts, but hasn't yet signed up. She will know this post is for her! I will identify her only as 'Baby Whisperer'...

She is still testing the water here, not yet sure what she needs to ask. I want to let 'BW' know that it's totally safe to jump in with both feet, once you know what you want to ask. Or you can just watch from afar. No pressure. Just know you aren't alone.


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Thinking of her and family...


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Wishing her good luck!

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she has my well wishes

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Of course she's scared and concerned, after all waiting for results is the hardest part. I'll be on that bus!



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Praying for your family member.

Hugs, Debby

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Hoping 'BW' sees this, feels the love and know that she is welcomed with open arms. Does she live close to you? We'll be camping at Fair Haven this weekend - how !bout s'mores at our campsite?


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Posts: 1522
Joined: Jan 2010

Wondering about 'BW' results....


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Curious about Baby Whisperer results ..

Strength, Courage and Hope for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Hoping & praying she gets good results.

Hugs, Kylez

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She has Stage IV IDC with lymph node involvement, and a place on her liver and on her spine (L3). She is ER/PR+, HER2 neg. Doc is starting with Arimidex to shrink, then will do lumpectomy or mastectomy as needed. Doc is not talking chemo or rads as of yet.

She is going to sign up on this board so she can ask questions. She said she was really impressed by what she had read the other day, you are all so helpful and nice. I gave her the low-down on the pink bus, and she thought that was pretty neat!!

Thank you Pink Sisters!

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I'm glad your sister is going to sign up. She can participate as much or as little as she wants. I jumped in with a couple of comments then backed off for a while and just read comments. I started to feel like I was getting to know several of the girls, now I've jumped back in with both feet! There's a lot of good information on this site.

I wish her the best with her treatments.


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There is strength in numbers, and we all here for her. I will be praying for her. I know how scary this is so glad for this site

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Megan M
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Praying for her!

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You both are in my thoughts and Prayers!


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Alexis F
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Sending my prayers!

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