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Taking my turn on the pity pot

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I am scheduled to have my exchange surgery done in two week! Yesterday I woke up feeling a tenderness next to my right underarm at the side of the expander and hubby said it looked to be a pocket of fluid starting. Si I said well we can wait an hour and see if that changes. It did, it got worse. The entire right side was now deep angry and there was definitely fluid building. He called my Plastic surgeon who was in surgery and he would call back. I went back to bed. Hubby woke me up a few hours later and said Doc said get to the ER so he can have you admitted he thinks it sounds like infection.Well the ER was beyond packed yesterday and on the three hours waiting mark I wanted to say for get it, I dont need to be around all these germs with surgery 2 weeks away! So hubby found some one who looked authoriative and told her that our PS told us to come and he was pretty sure it was just for admissions tha we came to ER. She told him to wait a few and she waould be back to him. They called us back in less than 5 minutes and I was giving blood in the next 5. A nurse told me my PS was waiting on me in the OR. I ended up with my white count at 21.8 and both my expanders were removed and cavity flushed. It now doesn't look like I will be having a reconstruction surgery anytime soon.
Woe is me :(

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I am so sorry for your disappointment. Of course it's got you down. What a terrible long day, too. Being sick is no fun at all. xoxoxo Lynn

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Oh Sandy, what a set back after all that you have been through. You must have had an infection for a few days and didn't know it? But to have endured the discomfort of the expanders like you have only to end up at square one must have been discouraging. Are you in the hospital? Did the PS give you any indication about where to go from here? Oh my friend, I pray for you!

Easy, gentle hug, holding on to you.

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I'm so sorry this has happened to you. After all you have been through and now this. Your in my prayers and thoughts. Gentle Hugs are coming your way.

Take care Darlin


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so sorry you are going through this...Happy you were seen and taken care of-


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I hate hearing this. I'm sure you were much awaiting moving forward with this whole thing. The good thing is--they caught the infection and it has already started healing. Setbacks are so hard to take though. You go through so much, and even then, it doesn't seem to stop.

You're on my prayer list for tonight that you heal quickly and can move ahead as soon as possible.

Gentle hugs, Renee

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Thanks, that is exactly how I feel.. I thought wow I made it, getting the implants, nipples and well on my way to feeling better finally! Now I feel like my journey is just beginning again, I feel like I have had a another bi lateral mastectomy! What would that be quad lateral?? I do not know...but I do know I appreciate your prayers and understanding.

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oh that really stinks. Glad you didnt ignore it, and got it taken care of. You would not want theinfection to become widespread in your body. Hugs,

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I'm so glad you caught it it though! I haven't been through all that you have but I am waiting to find out m oncodx result which is making me insane. Chemo scares the crap out of me. Anyway I had a double mast done three weeks ago and have expanders in. They feel so hard and bumpy and weird. I actually am so anxious to get the implants in so the girls will be softer! You have helped me in the way of knowing what to feel or watch for so I thank you for that. Better to have caught it now than later when you have pretty new boobies. I hope you heal up fast and your next process goes without a hitch. Take care.


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Good Luck to you!

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