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Good news

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Today I had an initial visit with the VA. They informed me that I have full medical coverage with the benifits. For me, this is a real stress reduction. I would not of known about this had it not been for the input of members on this site. Mike, Samsungtech, Thank You very much. That is what I like about this site, there is some very good information that gets passed around here. PC is hard to deal with and any help that makes it a little more easy is greatly appreciated. I am at a priority level 6 with the VA due to Agent Orange and PC

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Do not count on the VA to be everything. They save money when you die. Fact! Let your mind guide you. Trust your judgment. If it doesn't feel good don't do it. Get second opinions. Life is too good to let incompetent people end it. If it is complex they will send you to outside help. Whenever you feel like the answer is wrong, or unclear get outside opinions. You live longer that way. You have earned it.

Good luck with your journey.


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But find a doctor that has the credencials and can make you believe he can fix your problem. There are many options as you know depending on the agressiveness (gleason scale) of your PCa. Many types of radiations, surgical removal, HIFU (Burning), cryo (freezing)and maybe the best of all in your case...active surveilance. Gather all the information you can from the brothers on this site & weigh your doctors advise. I am a 3 year survivor so I've been down road with surgery & radiation and now am knocking off everything on my bucket list. Life is very good.

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Have plenty on bucket list. Never know when the beast will return. Not reallyworried about it. Going trout fishing in Alaska, with son, shouldbe ok. Then on to mexico fora few months rest, on to homeforChristmas, then Europe, with a bro Vet from VN. Bucket list, I really do not have one. Just know that life is a gift. You should live it as best you can, and never hurt anyone.
Had all the treatments they can give. Time for a break. See how it goes when I get back. Can not live forever, and do not want to be on a rope.


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