Stomach cancer in Stage IV spread to some extent to liver

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My father, who is 66 years of age has been diagnosed with stomach cancer some 4 days ago. He is in India and I am wondering what are the best case scenarios for him. he has to undergo stomach bypass operation and then possibly chemo. I am told by doctors that he has at the most 1 to 1.5 years of life after chemo. I read many articles here that gave me some hope that cancer cam be tamed to some extent... are there any alternative therapies? what kind of food should i be giving to my dad.. he is diabetic and have high bp as well.

pls pray for us....


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    This person named Mel, had mets to the liver and she has been cancer free for about 3 years now. You can read her story here and get in contact with her:
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    I hope your dad is doing well. My husband has switched to almond milk and mainly vegetarian diet. Sometimes he eats fish. We try to buy organic whenever possible. He makes sure he drinks a ton of Smartwater and walks each day. You can buy Trader Joes Smart water cheaper. Also he drinks 3 Ensures per day (when his WBC counts are low.He is doing good, considering he has linitis. He has a positive attitude and takes good care of himself. He looks better then he did last year when he was first diagnosed. Appetite is not the same, but he does at least eat.....My best for your dad's recovery