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citrus pectin & galectin-3 & cancer

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apparently elevated galectin-3 promotes cancer.


has anyone here had their blood monitored for galectin-3(G-3) or used anything to inhibit G-3?

Over the weekend I saw some resaerch to indicate that modified citrus pectin can suppress G-3

MCP and G-3

All new to me although I think I recall another post mentioning MCP.

thoughts by anyone knowledgable on this welcome

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been on mcp almost two years, never miss a day.

its nice to see new research backing up my first naturopath.

i get my mcp of lef. its less than $40 a month.

its worth its weight in gold, i have a little more faith i will make it, when i see my supplement list getting other pioneers independently seeing its benefit.

keep up all the great research, one day these posts will get the 1000 replies they deserve.

now did you know, we are the only place on the planet for state of the art colorectal research. screw the scientists. we have heaps of top class guinea pigs, at least one i know personally. that despite every diet and supplement under the sun can still type.

the research on mcp is vast, google pete and csn and mcp.

it binds stuff, so i try to take it away from my main supplements.

i also use it for chelation with a dash of alginate.


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I mix it with veggie greens in a bullet blender. It's hard to mix it unless you really use a blender MCP doesn't like to dissolve and it clumps, but with blending you can make it in smoothies.

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Thanks for the infor and links. There is actually quite a good review of MCP on the ACS site at:


There is a risk in looking at things that cause cancer then thinking about measuring them then eliminating from the body and the diet and then treating them- the list very rapidly becomes rather large. One quite good lite lists those things that are associated with cancer according to epidemiological studies as including:

Acetaldehyde, acrylamide, acrylonitril, abortion, agent orange, alar, alcohol, air pollution, aldrin, alfatoxin, arsenic, arsine, asbestos, asphalt fumes, atrazine, AZT, baby food, barbequed meat, benzene, benzidine, benzopyrene, beryllium, beta-carotene, betel nuts, birth control pills, bottled water, bracken, bread, breasts, brooms, bus stations, calcium channel blockers, cadmium, candles, captan, carbon black, carbon tetrachloride, careers for women, casual sex, car fumes, celery, charred foods, cooked foods, chewing gum, Chinese food, Chinese herbal supplements, chips, chloramphenicol, chlordane, chlorinated camphene, chlorinated water, chlorodiphenyl, chloroform, cholesterol, low cholesterol, chromium, coal tar, coffee, coke ovens, crackers, creosote, cyclamates, dairy products, deodorants, depleted uranium, depression, dichloryacetylene, DDT, dieldrin, diesel exhaust, diet soda, dimethyl sulphate, dinitrotouluene, dioxin, dioxane, epichlorhydrin, ethyle acrilate, ethylene, ethilene dibromide, ethnic beliefs,ethylene dichloride, Ex-Lax, fat, fluoridation, flying, formaldehyde, free radicals, french fries, fruit, gasoline, genes, gingerbread, global warming, gluteraldehyde, granite, grilled meat, Gulf war, hair dyes, hamburgers, heliobacter pylori, hepatitis B virus, hexachlorbutadiene, hexachlorethane, high bone mass, hot tea, HPMA, HRT, hydrazine, hydrogen peroxide, incense, infertility, jewellery, Kepone, kissing, lack of exercise, laxatives, lead, left handedness, Lindane, Listerine, low fibre diet, magnetic fields, malonaldehyde, mammograms, manganese, marijuana, methyl bromide, methylene chloride, menopause, microwave ovens, milk hormones, mixed spices, mobile phones, MTBE, nickel, night lighting, night shifts, nitrates, not breast feeding, not having a twin, nuclear power plants, Nutrasweet, obesity, oestrogen, olestra, olive oil, orange juice, oxygenated gasoline, oyster sauce, ozone, ozone depletion, passive smoking, PCBs, peanuts, pesticides, pet birds, plastic IV bags, polio vaccine, potato crisps (chips), power lines, proteins, Prozac, PVC, radio masts, radon, railway sleepers, red meat, Roundup, saccharin, salt, sausage, selenium, semiconductor plants, shellfish, sick buildings, soy sauce, stress, strontium, styrene, sulphuric acid, sun beds, sunlight, sunscreen, talc, tetrachloroethylene, testosterone, tight bras, toast, toasters, tobacco, tooth fillings, toothpaste (with fluoride or bleach), train stations, trichloroethylene, under-arm shaving, unvented stoves, uranium, UV radiation, Vatican radio masts, vegetables, vinyl bromide, vinyl chloride, vinyl fluoride, vinyl toys, vitamins, vitreous fibres, wallpaper, weedkiller (2-4 D), welding fumes, well water, weight gain, winter, wood dust, work, x-rays.

Do you get my point?


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hi steve,

we live in a toxity society, thats why our cancer rates are skyrocketing.

my toxic metals came back, yes super high deadly platinum, i got it for free from my conventional treatment. how many others ?

clearly detox needs to be apart of current oncological approach to cancer.

thats why we are here looking for support, some looking for answers and some looking for hope.

i get your point, but i feel your reply could leave our fellow cancer patients without hope which is often based on science and studies.

the gap between current clinical practice and science is vast.

that gap is costing many lives.

the simple solution to the above problems is functional medicine! and a multi modal approach.

your point about what prevents cancer and then what treats cancer is tragically real to all of us. My rising cea is proof that a detoxed healthy lifestyle so far has not caused my marker to reduce. that said no mets have appeared so far, thankyou god.

as we say here "not one size fits all and time will tell.


ps just my opinion and i appreciate your critical and medical experience

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I just happen to know something about this subject as I have been researching it. Galectin-3 is a relatively new marker for inflammation that can be tested in the blood. I have breast cancer, and had my level tested. The ideal is around 11, and mine was elevated at 16. LabCorps did the test and I think they are one of the only labs doing it currently. Apparently Galectin-3 is found in various parts of the body, including on the surface of some cancer cells. It is like velcro in the sense that it enhances the ability of cancer cells to stick together, forming clumps which grow as tumors in sites distant from the original site; so it promotes metastasis. The only compound I have found thus far that can bind to the Galectin-3 and take it out of commission is modified citrus pectin, which is derived from the white part, or pith of citrus fruit. You can't just eat the citrus rind and get the same effect, because the molecules are too large to get beyond the gut into the circulation. Even many of the citrus pectin supplements on the market have not been refined enough to reach the circulation. There is one form, called Pectasol-C, which has been patented, which reduces the size of the pectin molecule down so small that it passes through the gut wall and into the circulation, which is crucial for it to be effective. This form was developed by Dr. Isaac Eliaz, and is sold through his company Econugenics. He has an excellent educational website, dreliaz.org on which you can find many of the research papers that have been published both on Galectin-3 and on modified citrus pectin and Pectasol-C. I've been taking Pectasol-C faithfully now for almost a year. It also has other anticancer effects as well as removing heavy metals and other toxins from the body. Check out the research. hope this is helpful!

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Thanks for sharing your research and your cancer journey.

Be well.


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My wife uses PectiPure Modified Citrus Pectin, only about 5 grams(1 tsp) per day, among many things. Kind of thick.

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