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OT Just back from Idaho; home in time for a hurricane

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OK, first few days in Idaho, we couldn't go outdoors because of smoke from the southern fires. Finally, a nice rain, a cooling and beautiful clear weather. I really relaxed and enjoyed myself and the mountains were so lovely. I felt my spirit renewed.

But now I'm heading home and to work just in time for Isaac. My relief tomorrow lives in Florida...lol...I don't think she will be coming. Her relief on Wednesday is a new mother with 2 babies. Sigh....

I will probably be calling our hurricane team later today and we may have to do 48 hrs until this mess is out of here.

Pink Warriors, please say a little prayer that this is just a nasty rainstorm. Ugh!

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Dear CC,

What an end to a vacation to return and find this awful Isaac trying to stop by for a visit. I do hope he calms down by the time he is in your neck of the woods.

Will be thinking of you and hope it won't be as bad as the media reports state.



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Stay safe....hopefully it won't pick up steam....

Hugs, Nancy

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that Isaac peters out and causes no harm.

Take good care of yourself.

Hugs, Renee

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I thought about you when I saw the weather forecast...I sure hope you don't have to do 48 hours. More important I hope you and your family are all safe. I'm sending everything I've got...



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Hope all is well and that Isaac turns out to be just a heavy duty rainstorm!

Whenever you say you've been in Idaho, I think "Visit me! Visit me!" But Idaho is such a big state. I'm guessing that you fly into Missoula? If you ever, ever fly into Boise, let me know. It would be fun to get together.

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Lynn, we flew into Lewiston this time but I have been known to fly into Boise when my aunt and uncle are there. I love the drive from Boise to Lowell - so beautiful. Next time I will try and connect. Would love to meet you!

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Thanks for the good wishes. We are prepared and have gas for the generator. Hopefully won't be too bad!

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Be safe thinking of you....

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Prayers are with you!

I'm just 2 hrs. from Lewiston in WA state...it's pretty smoky here too


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I've lived through many hurricanes in SW FL and blizzards in BH. SD and will take a hurricane any day over a blizzard. Yes, they are some what dsifferent but I wouldn't freeze to death like a blizzard.

It is really surprising how few fires we've had so far as dry as we are. Add in the many acres of dead standing pine thanks to the Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic. The lack of T-storms is a 2 sided sword - we despirately need the moisture but we do not need the lightening strikes. At least, we are heading into autumn/winter so hopefully we'll get a good snow pack this year.

Cottonwoods are already showing color.

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No power now. Big gusts but nothing like Katrina thus far. Most of the trees are still standing. Long way to go as Isaac is stalled. Keep praying for us!

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My heart, prayers and positive thoughts go out to all of you suffering, enduring
the hurricane, gusty winds and power outages.

Isaac is a category 1, or 2 ? The news reports, footage of damage and displacement
of people are devastating.

Vicki Sam

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