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3.5 week update

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things are moving right along. i'm still using the PEG but i sense a bit of taste returning. last night at my arents house i took some tiny bites of pork roast and mashed potatoes with gravy. the gravy didn't thrill me because anything with fat in it feels really gross in my mouth but the meat was actually tasty. not the full flavor but i could taste it. i was able to swallow everything ok and i think the milk i drank made my mouth feel normal for awhile afterwards.

went to see a little comedy show at the community theatre today. for the first time in months i laughed really hard, so hard i cried, and i wasnt even worried about hurting my throat or getting choked up with mucus. today was the most normal i have felt in quite some time. the only thing missing is we would have gone to eat something delicious after the show. i'm very thankful for the tube and the Jevity though.

i go this week for follow up with my doctors and they will schedule my PET for next week. Scary!!!!!

i hope everyone is doing well :o)


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Sounds like you are coming right along in the healing process, good for you. I'm 9 weeks and still discovering new tastes. Throat is still sore at times but not all the time like before. Got my PEG out a couple of weeks ago so everything has to be by mouth....no more tubes for this girl.
Anyway keep up the good work and let us know when you get your PET. You're lucky to be getting answers so early in the game. I won't get mine for another 3-4 weeks because my dr wants to wait for all of the swelling to go down so we limit the amount of false positives. Keep us posted on your good news.
Take care,

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I think it's a bit soon for the scan but my node hasn't gone all the way down so they may want to check it soon? I was told ahead of time it may not go down all the way because it was cystic. We shall see :o)

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Hi Cindy,

I am glad to hear you are doing so well, even eating and laughing. For a real hoot unplug your PEG when laughing, that should give your friends something to talk about. Keep healing, eating, laughing and smiling, it sounds like you are doing something right.



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You are a hot mess Matt.

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You're out there trying stuff to eat, which is all we can do at this juncture....test foods as they come along.

Having a day where you felt SO normal...that is WONDERFUL! Just putting our C in the back seat for a day if good for the soul....congrats on that.


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You seeem to be doing really well for 3.5 weeks out. Keep trying more foods.

I am now 8 weeks out and can eat lot of normal foods. I started eating more foods at about 6 weeks.


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so glad to hear you got out and felt that Old Normal, which is what we all are reaching for as we come out of treatment. I to am tasting foods Im now 2 weeks out today so its a struggle but just to sit down to a egg/piece of bacon and fried potatoes with my wife, was like heaven. Ate some of it but not all. Before cancer I would have eaten 5 pieces of bacon and 2 or 3 eggs etc. so hopefully I will land in the middle. Reenjoying eating but not over doing it. You will be fine on your scan, prayers on the way. Keep going, right behind you.

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Yeah my portion size was out of control before all of this. I've lost 26 pounds and would be ok to lose 10 more. I would like to think I can take advantage of this and implement some lifestyle changes. But if I can end up tasting all my Mexican food I will make no promises lol!!!

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Hey Cindy, congratulations on things getting slowly better, it seems to me that recovery is a slow motion process. Laughing is the best medicine, I'm glad to hear that you had major dose. I trust that the scan will result in a NED report, I look forward to hearing about it. And it's pretty much always scary, but make the conciious choice to keep your head in the positive zone, you can do it.


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That is great. Seems you are doing well.

Thank you for sharing and keep us posted ...now I'm hungry again....meat and gravy....yummm

Tim :)

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