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Spinal Mets, I Need some encouragement and want to pass on some thoughts

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Not sure where to start except to say I hate cancer. Three years ago my wife had Stage IV colon cancer. They removed her ovaries and all of her parts. Chemo and a year free; then mets on ureter. Then chemo. Supposedly her last scan indicated that she was NED (this was in May after CT scan). She complained about back pain even then. It was chalked up to back pain/discs/etc. Her pain continued. Called oncologist and still not good direction. We went on the precept that she did in fact have a bad back; went to bone and joint doctor; they xrayed and said it was in fact bulging discs. No help though. Eventually her pain was so acute that we went to emergency room and consulted with her onc as well. After a CT Scan and MRI, they found that a tumor had basically broken her back; the tumor had replaced one of her vertebrae. Now after reconstructive surgery she is learning to walk again (if such can happen, they say). We're so broken with this.
My reason for posting is two-fold:
1. Don't trust CT scans to be totally accurate; if you have a pain in your back, please be bold to maybe even insist on another CT scan from another source, or a PET scan.
2. Has anyone had a situation with a spinal met? Then surgery? This is tough for her and some solace might be to hear from other heros out there.

Note that the tumor was still in the muscle and pelvic area, but the surgeon's job was to fix the spine.

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I have no experience with this, but I want to tell you that I'm praying your wife will improve. I'm sure she has been suffering so much, and I hope that will improve.


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I haven't had any tumors on the spine but am so glad you posted this because we never know about the future. I pray your wife has a full recovery. Jeff

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I have no experience with this. I am so sorry that your wife had to wait for a proper diagnosis...allowing the cancer to continue to grow.

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Although I have no experience with what you are dealing with there is an apparent strength of relationship and stubborn desire to overcome; two properties that are like gold and silver. You two have been through much and are handling more. I am one month post surgery myself and know the road can be rocky at times. Hugs of comfort and healing to you both.

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Our thoughts and prayers for you and your wife!

My Oncologist has always had the CT/PT then the two over lap and the spots pop in white. It is quite interesting. We had the CT/PT disk with us when we were interviewing Oncologists. We would pull it up on our lap top and have a copy for them to keep. One of the Oncs asked if he could borrow my lap top for a few minutes, because my screen was better then his. lol It was a teaching hospital and he took it around to the interns. He ended up as my oncologist.

Somethings light up in the CT and different things light up in the PET. The two over lapped was a WOW moment. I have never had a CT or a PET done seperate, they have always been done minutes apart.

Best Always, mike

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