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Words don't come easily anymore

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Hey everyone !
Was just pondering if anyone else is having this issue ? I have been having issues during a coarse of a normal conversation, when a normal every day word eludes me. Can't even find a word that will replace it....kinda like a HUGE brain fart ! Or I'll say something I think is right....and everyone looks at me and says NO Mom that's wrong ! Then I agrue and say...don't tell me that, I know I'm right ! Turns out what I thought I was saying and what I actually said were two different things. At least on this site I can re-read what I wrote and try to correct it. LOL ! Anyway it would ease my mind knowing others are going through this...and my darn cancer isn't eating my brain away. Oh my...can't believe I said this, that would simply s...k ! Stress more than not ? Thanks for any input everyone ! Have a wonderful day ! Katie

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Maybe you have a little chemo brain going on..., more than likely will pass in time.

Orr..... your twongue was tisted and you couldn't streak spaight....

Not uncommon uner the circumstances...


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he said, my wife even gave me a paper she got somewhere on
Chemo brain. Im 56 so not sure if its just time or chemo/age etc. But Im betting you were right.

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before I ever got sick. I tell people I used to be funny until I lost my vocabulary...LOL. It's worse now with chemo brain...and that I hear diminishes over time...I hope so too.

Course the age related memory stuff doesn't get better, so possibly for me, I'll never know the difference... :)


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Before treatment I had the memory of an elephant and I can still remember past things but current things....not so much. I go into the kitchen and can't remember what I went for. Or I'm right in the middle of a conversation and my mind goes blank. It's pretty frustrating but I hear it goes away. I sure hope so, I still have young kids, well 11 & 17 and I have to be on top of my game. My 17 year old recently went to register for school and came home to tell me that I forgot to sign some of his papers! I have never done that ever!! Now even the school must think I'm a flake. Oh what a journey we are all on!
Take care,

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Hi Katie,

HUGE brain fart with (argumentative) determination you are correct. Sorry Katie sounds like age and chemo are double teaming you. It hopefully will get better. In the mean time, write yourself notes and set the timer for things you don’t want to forget. Nobody dodges the age bullet, so you are like everyone else.



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if you have a tongue that is curled, spit and that will get rid of the curl..... LOL

i have the same problem and continues to very slowly get worse every couple years.... i do blame it on chemo

it would help if i heard the brain fart... LOL

I don't feel this is uncommon at at, it may get some better and then with age show it's ugly head.

just part of the new normal we sometimes struggle with, have fun with it that will help


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I have always been told I am very "witty" (sp).

My wife and I have now noticed my "wittiness" is not as sharp as it used to be bc words don't come as fast and I sometimes mess up the delivery of a good line .

Oh whoa is me.

Tim :)

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