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Liver metastasis

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My sister was recently diagnosed with mRCC with lesions in lungs and liver. I've been reading up on this quite a bit and was initially feeling positive as I learned about all the new drugs/treatments available. However, I've recently come across several items on the internet that indicate those who have liver metastasis have a poorer prognosis. I don't know if this is coming from old data/stats or not but was wondering is anyone else here had it in their liver and what their experience was?

Thanks for your help!

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I don't know what specifically you're referring to on the internet, but I can tell you that most that you find is old and outdated. As my 4 year old great nephew says, "its almost prehistoric Aunt Alice."

Anyway, you'll find more recent information from Boards like this and ACOR.Believe me when I say I could actually feel your sinking feeling when you started searching the internet for info. I made the absolute same mistake and started believing my husband would only be around for a few short months. And then I found this site, the ACOR, then some of the Cancer Center sites, and the outlook looked much brighter.

You've found us now; you're on the right track. My husband is now in a trial at Hopkins of Votrient/BMS936558 and is doing well. Fox of this Board also is in a promising trial of BMS936558.

Don't read the wrong things; take it from someone who knows.

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Liver mets, lung mets, bone mets, none of them is better than no mets. But as Alice has just said, treatments are available. My lungs and liver were loaded with mets and now the have essentially cleared. Thank my trial of MDX-1106. Also called anti-PD1, or BMS936558. Be persistant.

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Thank you so much for your replies, I think after the initial shock of reading that I realized what I was reading was vague and they never explained why the liver was worse except it seems that for many people, by the time it's diagnosed in the liver, it's pretty much everywhere else so the prognosis is worse.

In my sister's case, we've had scans to confirm it's not in bones/brain or elsewhere. She's very strong and in otherwise great health. I feel very confident, after reading so many stories of people who've survived for years (even before some of newer drugs were available) that she can survive this. She may always have it, but they are coming out with so many new drugs I really feel she can live a long time by managing the cancer (and hopefully one day curing it!)

I've been on several cancer forums and I appreciate how positive and supportive everyone is. It really gives me hope. I pray for all of you and wish you the best in your fights!

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