Teach me to cope

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My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in Jan 2011 with matastic to the bone brain and liver. I know God has blessed us with considerable time and I am truly blessed but I am not ready...he seems to be getting weaker but all along he does not talk about having cancer or how he feels. Every now and then he says his back hurts but thats it. I find myself just wanting to cry all the time. How do you cope with this? How do I keep on strong? I really need advice...


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    You'll be okay
    Just wanted to tell you that you have been blessed with days with your husband. Mine was diagnosed in Jan. 2010 with lung, brain & spine cancer and passed away in March of 2010. So we not only had the shock to find out about the cancer, but his time ran out too soon. I guess we had so much hope and never really talked about the "what if". We knew each other since we were 7 years old and had been married for 46 years. I have guilt feelings for never wanting to talk about it and wish I could've helped him as he lay dying on our bathroom floor. He hemmoraged from the Avastin that he was getting. We read the side effects of it, but never thought it would happen.
    Please talk to your husband and let him know how you feel. It isn't easy to cope with this but you'll do fine. Just be there for him & stay strong. I have 3 kids & 3 grandkids and lots of friends who have helped me through this. The lonliness never goes away and when I try to think of all our memories I find myself crying. It's not easy, but life does go on.