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Starting chemo again Friday

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I am finlly recovering from my first chemo treatment. My latest blood transfusion helped alot and my counts are finally recovering on their own. My platelets are up to 100 so yay. I start again next friday on the 31st. I was supposed to start again a week ago I was really hoping to not have to postpone anything since the doc said this is the last chance we have to cure it I wanted to hit it as hard as possible but I got more sick then they thought I would. Me and my mom tried to tell them I wasnt going to tolerate the regiman and the doc is now saying he understands why we were trying so hard for a differant one. I am starting to feel back to my old self(kinda) and I get a whole week of feelin good and eatin whatever I want. I think I might even feel good enough to hit the gym :) the thing that sucks is now my schedule is off and I am going to be right in the middle of my cycle on my little sisters 21st Birthday. This devastates me she has been doing so much for me and I just want her to have the best birthday ever but I feel like I have ruined her birthday again. This happens every year. And my mom will be at the hospital with me so she wont even get her birthday dinner. I just feel so horrible about that. She said she is going to come up to the hospital on her bday to see me. I am so blessed to have family that cares so much.

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I'm so glad that you're doing so much better after your latest blood transfusion. I can only imagine how much you're going to appreciate this week, feeling good and eating the foods you love, things that most people take for granted. I can truly understand that you would feel terrible about "ruining" your sister's 21st birthday for both her and your mom, because you yourself are a caring and thoughtful sister and daughter. However, I'll bet you anything that your sister and mom are just so thankful that you are here, determined to beat cancer's butt, which you can do! We're all pulling for you too, and know that you can do it! Please keep us posted when you can.

Sending you prayers and lots of hugs.


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Good to here your counts are up. I am happy for you that you can get the chemo going again. One step closer to the end...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck

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