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Hi everyone, hope all is well with you all, I decided to post a question which is what I think is a weird occurrence, and am curious to know if anyone of you here has had, or have heard of a similar situation. I have nsclc, been in remission for 3 yrs. and my overall health status thus far has been good. I'm due to have my next 6 month scan next month, however 3 days ago, I had a low grade fever which lasted one day, the following day I woke to all the symptoms of a cold. I know the high risk a cold can put us into resulting in pneumonia, but what's weird, is aside from the cold symptoms, I feel fine. Being that this is the weekend, I am wondering if this is something I should alert him about considering I don't feel sick. Would appreciate hearing your input and thoughts about this.

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... I would wait, assuming of course you're not spiking any kind of a fever. If the fever comes back or the cold symptoms don't gradually go away, I'd be calling in. I suspect the docs would tell you the same.

You must be extremely healthy not to have this kind of a situation arise before (i.e. I'm not quite picking up what's weird about it). Sounds like the kind of thing even a healthy person can expect every now and then, and I'm assuming you have enough of an immune system left to fight off minor infections. I remember just after my last treatment, my radiation doc said, "Remember, even cancer patients get ordinary colds and things like that."

BTW, my profile is just like yours, only 2.1 years past the end of treatment as we speak.

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