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breathing time - NED for now

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Phew... Husbands colonoscopy and ultrasound last last week were clear. If there isn't anything wrong with the blood count we will finally get some breathing time after this eventful 10 months. Next checkup will be CT in 3 months. So we will finally start traveling again: Thursday we will be up and away to 3 weeks in southfrance.

A hug to all of you and a big THANKS for all the knowledge on this board and your kind company during our adventure...

Some summer sun from Cologne, Germany

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So very glad for your husband's good report.

As you sure you don't need some extra company on your vaction? I am sure a bunch of us here would love to spend 3 weeks in teh south of France!

Enjoy your breathing time and the trip.


Marie who loves kitties

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oh Petra that is good news.....a little breathing room is always good.

hahah yes Marie is right.....there are probably some Canucks who could be talked into France.....have a wonderful time

all best love


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I'm on my way!

But seriously, happy to hear the good news. Enjoy your travels, the beautiful countryside, the fine food and wine, and just being.

I'll be traveling with you in my heart!


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okay Alice.....that's it!!! get that bag packed girl cuz i am picking you up with a dog team and we are on our way to the South of France....we can wave at Petra and her hubby and raise a nice glass of vino.....


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... with Wine, Baguette and Cheese right here



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Let's spend some time on the lake at your lovely little cabin, and then head together (via dog team - sounds wonderful!) to the south of France!

You have a traveling companion in me!

Petra, the gite looks lovely! Sending all good thoughts your way!


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Enjoy your travels...keep us informed on your adventures. Jeff

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Enjoy your trip - we are all envious.

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That is great news.


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Thank you for sharing your uplifting news! So happy for you both. Happy travels to you both!

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Nana b
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Awesome... just be careful, the immune system takes awhile to get back on track. Watch being around sick people and eating food that may not be that free of bacteria. I never eat anything that is left out for more then 2 hours. Some people can it food that sets out but I can't, i get so sick to my stomach. Buffets are usually not on my list....


I lived in Germany 3 years and loved it!!!

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J'espère que vous avez passer de merveilleuses vacances en France!

- And that's just great news dear. :-)


Brenda Bricco
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That is great news! :) Enjoy your travels Petra.

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Good news is always welcome here! Enjoy your vacation.

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Thanks for sharing the good news! The good news is very inspirational for me. I am going to have another scan in a week or so as I'm approaching the mid-way mark for my FolFox chemo treatment (treatment 6 - 1/2 way done - is scheduled for next Thu 9/6). And I'm hoping for similar news for me.

Again, thank you to all who share the positive reports too!!!

God Bless Everyone,

Phil (blog at http://PScamihorn.Me)

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