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nhl bcell with marrow bone involvement

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Diagonized with bcell NHL with bone marrow involement. Also orbital mass behind left eye which was removed. Had 3 treaments of RCHOP, Rituxan and Restulan (sp?) was told no cancer detected. On 2nd visit was told could not rule out bone marrow as would have to have another bone biospy, but said blood work was very good so was very optimistic. Just very confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please excuse any mistakes, very tired and anxious.

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I had NHL with bone involvement, did they do a full body PET scan yet? This would show any cancer activity including the bone..... blood work will not detect cancer, just your counts..... Vinny

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Thanks so much for responding Vinny. I guess that's why I'm so confused. They did a PET scan and it showed no cancer, but then my oncologist told me that he couldn't be sure until I had another biosopy, but since my blood works were all good he wasn't too concerned. All this happened after my 5th treatment, and I wasn't feeling my best maybe I wasn't able to comprehend everything he was telling me. Have another appt. with him next month for hopefully my last treatment and will find out more. What a roller coaster this has been! Again thank you!

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Of all diagnostic tools in the oncology bag, the PET is the gold standard for seeing cancer. PET will not say what STRAIN of cancer (only a biopsy can do that), but ordinarily, if there is any cancer (what the radiologist calls "hypermetabolic activity") a PET will see it.

Hopefully your doc will be clearer on your next visit. In the mean time, I would be delighted with a clean PET, which is about as good as it can get.


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Thank you Max, you gave me a ray of hope. Will be so happy to get a rest from the treatments and get back to a somewhat normal life. Hope you are doing well.

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