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Friday update

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Hello Dearhearts

Just wanted to give a brief update.

I seem to be holding steady right now. The pain is mostly under control. I believe that we finally found the right dosage of pain meds. I have small bits of time when the pain becomes worse. It seems to be close to the time for my next dose, so I just take it a little early so that the pain won't get to far ahead of me.

I am still extremely tired and spend most of my time resting. My counts are still really low, but not dropping any lower. So between the low counts and the amount of pain meds, I just am wiped out. Many of you can relate to the feeling of being run over by a truck or a bus, I've been hit by both and run over by both.

Aside from that, I think overall that I am headed in a positive direction I just hope that I start to feel it soon.

I hope you all are doing okay. If you can, try to get out this last weekend of August and enjoy the end of summer.

Hugs to all

miss maggie
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Hi Lisha,

Reading your post was the best news ever. I am praying each day your strength improves, and the pain finally goes away.

Hugs and love. Maggie

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I hope all keeps in the right direction for you. I also saw your other post about the Hurricane heading to Fl. North Carolina may be in the danger zone as well. I hope this posts.I have tryed to post other times this week,but it just won't do it. John

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Hi Lisha,
Us Libra's are impatient by nature and tend to want things better "immediately". You had major surgery and as we discussed, it's going to take time for everything to heal. I'm so glad you have the pain in better control...nothing worse than constant pain and it really slows the healing process. You didn't mention if you are eating more..? I sure hope so. You are so tiny as it is, and need all the nourishment you can get...which will also speed up healing,(or so I've been told). Keep resting and try to not stress about the Florida property..mother nature is going to do whatever she wants to do and control is out of your hands. We will pray for no damage or loss of life, but remember...material things can be replaced. Right now the most important thing for you to do is to take care of yourself and heal. Prayers and positive thoughts are headed your way...Love you...Sue

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