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Ovarian vs Appendix Cancer

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I've been encountering more and more people who have had cancers found on their ovaries but that were appendiceal in origin (as was mine). I am ever grateful to the pathologist on my case who saw during surgery that the tumor removed from my ovary was a metastatic tumor from my (healthy looking) appendix. Because it was found during my hysterectomy, my gyn removed my appendix, even tho it looked fine, and it was found to be filled with tumor. It had ruptured at some point and rehealed.

Please make sure your pathology is checked - chemo and treatment for ovarian cancer is NOT the same as that for appendix cancer. The chemo for appendix cancer is more similar to that for colon cancers (tho the treatment still differs.) However, the chemos for ovarian cancer (and possible radiation) may cause more harm than good. Note also, that since appendix cancer is quite rare, true specialists are few and far between - travel may be necessary. (I travel 175 miles each way to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC.)

Please, if there is any question as to the origin of your cancer, make sure it is checked out. I am currently 5 years out from a Stage IV Appendix cancer diagnosis (mucinous adenocarcinoma) and in full remission because of the correct treatment. (You can see my story if you click on my name.)

Don't hesitate to PM me if you have questions. I've just been jolted by seeing at least 3 people in recent days who were originally told they had ovarian cancer, and treated for that, even tho the cancer originated in the appendix.

Wishing us all good health.


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My cancer originated in the ovaries..but had appendix out also due to mets. Thanks for posting..stay healthy..Val

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Thank you so much for your concern for us. I'm pretty certain that my cancer originated in my ovary but I'll double-check my pathology report.

Best wishes to you,


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My cancer originated in my ovaries. Doc did remove my appendix. It was checked and clean...

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