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Losing hope

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Hi Folks, well I had the 16cm tumor removed last Oct, in april 5 grew and emblization worked very well but only for a short time, yesterday I was told that there are some in my portal vein and in the bottem vetricle of my heart. I belive they are goint to try Nexavar, which i have read about but it looks like a "last chance" to me
56 years old, in good shape. Hep C Genotype 3


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Hi Nick,

I was just reading your post and realized that nobody responded to you. I don't have many answers for you as my mom was just diagnosed about 4 days ago. She was given 6-8 weeks and has refused treatment. She is 83 and I support the decision she is making (albeit with a breaking heart).

I just wanted you to know that someone out there saw your post and is praying for you. Stay in shape and keep your spirits up, your mind is a pretty powerful tool.

Good luck and please write back as you make progress and begin to recover.


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I do not know about treatment with Nexavar, but I too had Hep-C, Genotype 1a. I was treated several years ago and cleared the virus only to have the cancer begin. I had HCC with a large tumor on my Portal Vein, I had a liver resection and the tumor was removed. I also had a recurrence of a smaller tumor in a different area of the liver 2-1/2 years later that was treated with RFA to remove it. I just recently received a good report following my latest MRI with no new tumor recurrence. I am 62 years of age. Is surgery not an option? Have you undergone treatment for the Hep-C? All of my treatments were through the University of Michigan hospital and I would highly recommend a 2nd opinion if possible just to be certain. The best of luck to you and do not lose hope-a positive mental attitude is very important in battling cancer.

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Don't lose hope. Nexavar has worked very well for me, going on 4 years. It is important to stay positive I think. I have had cancer 3x times in 18 years. They always tell em I am gonna croak every time I get diagnosed...so much for that! :)
I have a cartoon of a frog about to be eaten by a stork, but then you realize the from although ahlf swalloed, is choking the bird and the caption reads "Never Give Up"
That is me, and I think it helps. DOn't get down buddy.
God bless,


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Hi Tom, my dad is starting Nexavar next week. I know everyone is different but what kind of side effects can we expect?

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