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Coughing up blood that looks like blood clots

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I started coughing up blood that looks like a blood clot. Use to just cough up blood that was bright red
And jusy a spot. Now I am coughing up blood that looks like a blood clot. Deep red and
Alot more than a spot.

My onc said that we needed a test and today got the results back. Lungs are clear of nodules and
Was told today that ct scans were clear. Showed damage to lungs from radiation . Is it the radiation that
Caused this?

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but I seriously doubt that radiation of your prostate would have had such an effect on your lungs. Whatever the cause, I sincerely hope that you are able to get it "fixed" without delay.

Good luck & best wishes!!!!

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Radiation is applied to specific targets which in the case of the prostate area are at the lower abdomen. The isodose is planned taking into account the fields of reflected (radiation) doses. These can go far deep but the doses are really very, very, small.
In my opinion, any effect from radiation in the lungs could exist if you had such areas treated before. Otherwise it could be an effect from past causes.

In any case, your descriptions are of concern and you should follow your doctor’s instructions. We are "domesticated" laymen on the matter.
You know it. No more Havana cigars. Exchange it for a glass of a good red.

Take care.

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