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Update: Surgery over... all that's left is the healing

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Hi all -

My surgery happened Monday (8/20) and I came home yesterday (8/23). Had a rough few days because of my reaction to pain meds, but got past it. Apparently pain meds and me do not mix.

Now I am home and all that is left is the healing. Doctor said the cancer was stationary to the kidney and there were no margins.

I will follow-up with doctor in a few days and then have a ct scan before the end of the year, but no other worries.

Have a blessed day.

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That did not hurt, did it? Yeah. Well at least you finally went thru our initiation. While you are no doubt a little sore now, everyday will get a little better.


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I hope that the drug issue will be your only problem. The news from the doctor sounds great. Relax, heal, and keep us posted with the pathology results.


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May your recovery be smooth.

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Nothing to it.

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