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Need help with food and nutrition after surgery.

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Good Morning to all!
After my remission, my mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She had a surgery on Feb 26th, 2012 with 95% removal of the stomach. Her recovery was slow but successful. She had to do chemo with pills and radiation for 1 month. Her diet has changed a lot and she has lost more than 40 pounds. My major concern right now is that she continues to loose weight and she vomits almost everyday. She eats healthy but I would llike to get some advice as far as nutrition and the food she should eat. We had consult the doctor but for them, everything is normal. I woulld llike to get your opinion and advice on how to handle this situation. My mom sometime feel depress and with lack of energy to do things. I want to help my mom and guide her better. Thank you for your help and God Bless You!

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They can match your mom who has gone through surgery and can provide some support over the phone. http://cantstomachcancer.org/portal/web/guest/patient_services

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Hi.Livestrong_fighter on another page has put it very well.From my experience with my son (who did manage to put on 8kgs after total gastrectomy)
Frequent small meals as thick and calorie dense as possible.
Liquids only between meals and never with meals.
Avoid sugar as far as possible.
Eat a lot of whole grains and nuts.
Add butter and oil to increase calories and improve weight.
Sit upright and comfortably while eating with loose clothing(around the waist)
Hope this helps and best wishes to both you and your mother!
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I had my stomach removed like your Mom, and I can tell you that continueing to lose weight AND vomiting is not normal. Seek another Dr.'s opinion, asap. She should be eating very small amounts, and likely, with her symptoms, they should be bland foods. Like a small bowl of unsweetened applesauce, or oatmeal, a small bowl of jello, a tiny bit of this or that should be fine, but something is wrong if she is vomiting every day.The Dr. can also give her medication for the nausea & vomiting. She also needs to know not to drink one half hour before eating, and one half hour after eating. She shouldn't drink and eat together, because it washes the food through so fast, there is no chance for it to give her the nutrients she needs. Also, consult a Dietician or Nutrition expert, Dr.'s know enough about nutrition to put in a thimble! Seriously. They get about 3 hours of nutrion in Medical School.
Please tell her I send my sympathy. This is a no fun kind of thing, and if she still has a husband, and kids to worry about, that is a blessing in a way, and a burden in another way. Are you helping her with housework, cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc? So many things enter in to the recovery from this type of surgery.
Has she had a PET SCAN to see if the cancer is gone? Do they know if the chemo and radiation helped, etc.?
Good luck Sweet Girl, you sound like a wonderful daughter. Judy C.

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i am speaking for my wife who is a 15 year survivor of total stomach removal. she is having problems with malnutrition now. Take vitamin D for sure as my wifes bone are very brittle. We went to a nutritionist and they know nothing to gain and maintain weight. After you eat, go lay down and cover up and most of your nutrients are used to keep your body warm. There is an enzyme to help your pancreas absorb better. we just found this out lately. She goes regularly for a bag of saline solution for dehydration. they will do blood work and add to solution what she needs if it is available. Good luck and my wife can answer more later if you need more help. God bless you

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Hi I hope your mother is doing better. I had a total gastrectomy 3 years ago the first year was the hardest i lost over 80 lbs and spent 4 months in the hospital with a bad infection.After that I started doing better but I was still run down and I got my doctor to check my B12 it was very low now I get a injection every month.Also when I eat if I eat just a litle to much it would make me want to vomit.Check her vidamin D levels and bood sugar.It does get better she can try sipping on boost between eating but you need to get boost for diabetics (low sugar).

Good luck

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