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Free Fly Fishing for Men with Cancer

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Quick update:

I am still NED after liver surgery in January 2011. The surgery was after 7 years of NED from Stage 4 diagnosed in 2004.

Now to the topic:

I just returned from a fantastic retreat put on by Reel Recovery. It was a 3 day retreat including fly fishing (many had never fly fished before)and some group discussions. The lodging, food and fishing were all free (they supply the fishing equipment and guides). The only cost to you is getting to the sites, which are all across the country. I can not understate what a wonderful experience this was. If you are a male, any stage or type of cancer and can get away for 3 days, I would highly recommend this retreat. They have several opportunities remaining this year, most of them in the western U.S.

For more information just go to the Reel Recovery website.

Take care,

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Think you posted this same event last year. What a great opportunity for guys to get together for an opportunity like this. Glad you had such a good time and congratulations on still being NED.


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Hi Mike,

I went on their retreat here in Utah in June and had a great time! The website is reelrecovery.org and it is a very good organization. We had three group sessions each day and everyone got a lot of benefit out of the whole program.


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Kenny H.
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Man I LOVE to fish but have never tried fly fishing. Wonder if any in Texas, will check it out.

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It was the first time I'd been fly fishing. I thought it would take some time getting used to whipping that line back and forth, getting that pretty loop going and all, but it was really easy enough. The real trick is pulling the line back in with movements that mimic the way a bug would move on the water.

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I am no kind of guide, can not provide a free fishing experience (I don't even have a place you could stay as we are in a 1 bedroom apartment) and I am only a poor excuse of a fly fisherman, but if anyone wants to fish here in NJ (you would have to buy a license), I know several good streams to fish. The summer has been a bit dry and the water levels are a bit low at the moment, but that will change and the fall fishing will probably be very good.


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