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Aromasin seems to be working

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Went to the doctor today. My CA 125 went from 79 to 161. I was going to be happy with anything less than 200. So I was happy. I know others worry with the slightest increase in their CA 125's, but when mine has gone up to 3200 I don't worry about 161. I know it is doubling, but I have no symptoms. I will go back in5 weeks for another lab test. All my other labs look good.

I have had lots of joint pain since I started the aromasin. The doctor says that is good, it means the medicine is blocking the estrogen. Hopefully it is slowing the cancer growth, too.

I still have nausea several times a week. The doctor says it is not from the chemo. He wanted to try an anti emetic medicine every day to prevent the nausea. I told him I would rather just take the compazine when I needed it. I don't like taking so much medicine.

Tom and I getting ready to go on a Baltic Sea cruise. Going to enjoy the time before I have to go on chemo again. Looking forward to the trip, but not the long plane ride to get over to Europe. Will wear my elastic socks and take my blood thinner shots and hope for the best.

Hope everyone is hanging in there and enjoying each day. In peace and caring.

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Glad to know that your medicine is working for you and that you are feeling good. Enjoy your cruise. I was suppose to go on a business trip to Kuwait this year in April, but I did not feel comfortable enough to go so did not go. I talked to my gynonc in June when I had my appt, she said I could have and should have gone. She told me to walk the aisle of the airplance if I get a chance to go again to help with circulation. I have since been moved out of that job so I will not get the chance again. Oh Well. I have a few more years to work so who knows. My next checkup is Oct 15. So far I am holding OK, NED. Just realized that Aug 22 was an anniversary for me. One year from last chemo treatment. I had a CT scan in June and it was clear, PS125 test was 12.1 the lowest yet. Hope you get good news in 5 weeks. Will keep you and all the ladies on here in my prayers. trish

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Double Whammy
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and 161 is indeed a far cry from 3200! Glad to hear you're doing well and the Aromosin is doing its job. Your cruise sounds wonderful. Enjoy.


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Hi Ro
So pleased that the Aromasin is slowing things down enough to keep you on a chemo break. But sorry that you are suffering the joint pain. I have been taking Letrozole (same family of drugs) but have no bone pain as yet. I hope that doesn't mean it's not working for me! I have one positive sign that it may be helping - my pelvic pain has almost disappeared to the point where I no longer need regular painkillers - so I am hopeful!

Your Baltic cruise sounds wonderful, although the flight over will be long - try to walk the aisles whenever you get a chance! We took a Scandinavian/Baltic cruise a couple of years ago and went to some wonderful places (Oslo, Stockholm, Tallin, St Petersburg etc). There is so much to see and do! I am absolutely sure that you will have a wonderful time. Where does your cruise start from and what cruise line are you travelling with?
Wishing you a continued break from this beast.

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The cruise sounds wonderful!!! You must tell all about it when you come back. Best to you and Tom!!! Enjoy!!! Life is for living.

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Enjoy and Have a good time on your cruise.

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We're all so different and if the CA125 is where it makes you feel better, then IT'S BETTER!!! You know what's best for your own body.

The cruise sounds simply marvelous!! Do enjoy and take in the beautiful sites.....


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Thanks for all the encouragement and comments. I appreciate them. We leave tommorrow for our cruise. Will be gone for two weeks. You all remain in my prayers. In peace and caring.

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Sounds like a fabulous trip! Hope you enjoy every minute of it. Everything else can wait. Glad to hear that the Aromasin is helping.

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