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Six myths about prostate cancer.

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Six myths about prostate cancer. The ones about supplements do not surprise me; however, the one on over screening and over testing does.


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Great article....the one about lypopene surprises me.

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Interesting article but the Myth #6 is incorrectly termed by Etzioni. I think that the cohort of patients in the European Randomized Study of Prostate Cancer Screening include many that were diagnosed with cancer in very advanced status, therefore with no possibility for a treatment with intent at cure.

Screening in many European countries is not followed to the same standards as those done in US. In fact the double in numbers of death from PCa is the rightful calculation, if one considers that screening with PSA is in fact happening due to symptoms related to advanced status. Surely in cases of earlier screening (young men) the rates decline.


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Vasco highlights a good point. IMO, that leads to one more PCa myth:

Myth # 7: Most everything you read on the internet about PCa is true and/or believable.

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