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back to the usa, pete in chicago saturday and sunday for metametrix conference

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so i have formally started my naturopathy training course.
I am flying off in 12 hours back to the good old usa, chicago. land in chicago 10.30pm friday night late and then off to conference 8am saturday.

the conference is summarised here.
I have read the 1000 pages text a few times, and was keen.

Why Should You Attend? my answer is that my latest protocol tallberg is amino acid based, i have read the amino acid text and many others.

if i do the conference i get all the test for free almost $800 included. so i get to learn about my biology which is exactly what i am experimenting.

its my birthday saturday the 25 th yes. its the same day as the conference.

I will meet many very passionate and interesting alternative specialists, its a great networking opportunity to talk about our interesting cases. now i only have one patient, his name starts with P.

I have turned my business around over the last four weeks, and can leave it for the weekend. my health, not my wealth is my priority.

I will focus at the conference and meditate on the plane.

If anyone wants to catchup pm me, i fly back home to wife and kids sunday 7pm out of ohare airport chicago. sunday afternoon is free.

goto get to sleep, so i catch my flight. i will check my messages. i will be at the conference and hotel the whole weekend learning and relaxing and making new friends. if i find any really really good alternative doctors, i will keep track of their details in case anyone here is interested.


ps it was my daughters birthday today, she is the most beautiful 11 year old in the world.
we went out for mexican, i had beans and it was not organic and i am still typing.

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Have safe travels and a Happy Birthday.


Marie who loves kities

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It's going to be a beautiful weekend in Chicago...very hot! Have fun.


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I thought you were coming back to Atl. I just came on here to check for the date. Now, I see you will be in Chicago. Oh heck.
Was looking forward to meeting you this time. How awesome that would be (or would have been). We were just 10 miles apart the last time.
Have a productive time. Hope you learn a lot. Take care.

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