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worth repeating

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I credit pete43lost_at_sea for originally posting this link. I am one of those who advocates being open to a multipronged approach to dealing with cancer, provided it is evidence based. Even more so now that it is clear standard cytotoxic chemotherapy is rapidly failing my wife.

click on this --> LEF

over recent months, after reviewing scores of research papers, it is also clear to me that multiple lines of inquiry point to the plant extracts mentioned in this article as having value with respect to cancer, although much work remains to be done to clarify dosage and delivery mechanisms and which subset of extracts work best for each cancer.

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my blog is a mess but most of everything i have tried or am trying is their.

the latest and greatest is tallberg, google it and checkout his approach.

thanks for repeating the lef story, they just publish it, but wholeist doctors have been advocating this approach since gersen.

keep trying peter, but also try and find peace. i will on my flight in 12 hours to the usa.
see my post.

i will try and summarise tallberg therapy in conjuction with amino acids and other bits and pieces from the metametrics conference in a separate post. its official i have signed up as a trainee naturopath so i can write these conferences off for tax.

have you read the lef bible ? i have a 400 page alt cancer handbook for naturopaths, which nicely summarises most of the current research re multipronged.

meet me chicago saturday and i will give you my one spare copy if you want it, its really really good. it offers no guarantees. its not colorectal focused, but it explains many aspects in advanced papers i could not understand well enough for me. and puts them together in a coherent way, much better than i could ever hope to do. thats why i borrowed my doctors copy, to it the copiers, had its binding ripped off and a couple of copies made. one for me, one for friends. its really that good.

smile mate, you will find the best way for your wife and yourself. it is so good to have some others here interested and supporting natural therapies.


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I hear ya Peterz. Thanks for re-posting.

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To google Tallberg: Thomas Tallberg MD

Best Always, mike

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Tanstaafl (sp?) also recommended this to me in an unrelated post. It's always good to have an open mind. Best wishes to you and your wife.

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