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Lung biopsy

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I will have my lung biopsy tomorrow at 1pm. I am very scared of the outcome
and procedure. Hopefully it will be fine. I'm asking for your prayers.

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I hope everything went well. Keeping you in my prayers.

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Thank you very much for your prayers. Biopsy went well but OMG it did hurts a lot
after the procedure. I'm.doing ok now. It only hurts now when doing deep breathing.
I will know the results in 5 days. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for your prayers
and everyone who prayed for me.

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Thinking of you...what were your results? I hope that you are ok!

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My lung biopsy result was positive for thyroid cancer cells. It metastasize to my
lungs. I don't know what happen. I was diagnosed with stage I with out lymph
node involvement now it's in my lungs after 3 yrs. I have no symptoms yet. I am
ok. I will have Ct scan tomorrow prior to my appointment on Thursday with my
Endo. Looking forward for further treatments. Need help !!!!! Anyone who went
to any Lung treatments???

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Hi Hannah

Gosh I am so sorry the biopsy turned out the way it did. I am very interested in what your treatments will be.
I had a stable lung nodule but now it is growing. I have had mets already with my cancer, just not to the lung that I am aware of.
Can you reccomend a good lung Dr or endo that you like. I have had a tough time finding any good docs in the area. I am in the stanford area.
Who did your biopsy. I know that I will need one soon.
Thanks for any help you may offer.
Sending you positive healing thoughts

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Hi Lisha,
My Endo Dr is dr Lara Wong in mountain view. She is an excellent endocrinologist.
She always follow up on you and necessary test. I used to see her every 6 months
but now 2-3 months coz of this lung metastasize. I just saw her today re- results of
Ct scan last Tuesday and further treatments. My nodules are unchanged from previous
Scan dated 7/16/12 which is good. She is recomending to wait 3 more months and do
Another CT but told her to do something now before it grows. So she referred me to see a
head and neck Oncologist at Stanford to start on chemo pills still on clinical trials. RAI
Doesn't work on me now so out of the picture. My Tg still elevated 168. She increased my
levoxyl to 112mcg. Will see how it goes.
By the way I had my lung biopsy at minimally invasive surgical solutions done by Dr.
Reza Malek at good Samaritan hospital. He was recommended by my medical
oncologist who did my chemotherapy 8 yrs ago. Still see her every six months. She is also
An excellent medical oncologist. I hope this will help you decide. I will keep you posted.
God bless

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Hi Lisha, my Endo Dr. Is Dr. Lara Wong in mountain view , an excellent Endo.
Dr. Malek at good Samaritan did my lung biopsy recommended by my medical
oncologist who did my chemo 8 yrs ago. My lung nodules are stable. I will see a
head/ neck Dr. In Stanford recommended by my Endo. Now in process of getting
my medical records in UCSF. Will keep in informed. God bless

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