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I am surprised at how long I have been off work!

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I had my tonsil surgery on May 30, radical neck disection at the same time. i figured I would be back to work the last of Aug., instead I am just on my 17th rad. I still have 16 more rads and 1, 6 hour chemo. From what I have heard it will still be good while before anyone returns to work even after all treatments stop.

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I started my treatments June 11th and ended them on August 3rd. They have told me to expect to be off until October 1st. At first I thought they were nuts, that I would be ready way before then but now I see that I am not bouncing back as fast as I thought I would. Maybe October 1st is a good idea.

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Of course a lot depends on many factors....

But, I was Dx January 5th, 2009..started Tx around the later part of February or so... I can't remember specifically.

I did have a few things going in, before treatment and then sixteen weeks of Tx..chemo and rads, tonsils removed up front.

I did work from home during that time. I'm an IT guy so it was fairly easy for me, and I was afforded the opportunity to work on my schedule.


I finished Tx around mid June, went back to work (in office) part time early August and back full time after Labor Day.


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My "plan" for my recovery was a total delusion...LOL. I started treatment April 24th, and still have one more chemo to do next week. I had figured once I finished rads in June, that I could probably go back to work between chemo's....but no! These last 3 chemo's have kicked my butt ever so much worse than the first three....now I'm hoping I'll feel worth a damn when I DO have to back in October....I'd hate my only life happening at work, only spend all my down time sleeping in a chair trying to make up for lack of energy.


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I started tx Aug 2011, finished chemo Oct 2011, rads statrted Nov 2011, finished Dec 31, thru all this I worked from home. I asked my rad doc about going back to work full time, he said I should take a good five months off after the tx ended, well at least working from home, my company asked for 4 hours a day...went back into my office full time July 16th. The rad doc said the time was needed to heal and going back full time could be stressful. I guess each of us is different.


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I was able to return to work a couple of weeks between the time I recovered from surgery and the start of rads/chemo. I returned the 2nd time when I was 6 weeks post tx without any problems.

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I too thought I will be workimg latest by sept but based on my energy level have decided to take it slow and start in oct. I am workoholic by nature which might change after this exp but did not want to start too soon in case in go back to my old self.

For then first time in my life i have taken such a long break from work!


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