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Update on Don Reed

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A brief update. Today Don looks 98% better than yesterday. The surgeon had the liver doc and kidney doc come to see Don and review reports. They want to find out why those numbers are elevated. Don will have an ultrasound of those organs on Friday. Yesterday Was the worst day ever. They still don't know what brought it on but Don went into distress for over 12 hours. He vomited bile for hours and finally this morning they put in a nasogastric tube to suction that out and give him a break. He was struggling for breath and the pain was constant. Some of the meds made him hallucinate. Things were more than hairy and I was scared to pieces. Our daughter my mom and aunt and uncle along with as many of the CBGs that could come spent several agonizing hours yesterday and last night. Thankfully things turned around about 6 am this morning. Tomorrow they will remove the ng tube and see how he does without it. Friday the ultrasounds. The doc isn't suggesting or guessing anything but will answer questions. I am cautious asking questions because I do not want to cause any worries for Don. He needs his strength to recover from the events of the past few weeks. So for now slow and steady is the course. Thank you for your continued prayers and good wishes for Don. We will keep you posted.

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Thank you so much for the update Judy. I know you are in a panic Judy. I am glad Don
Had a better day today tho, you both needed that.

Take care and know we love you both.


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Prayers for all of you. BMGky

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Oh Judy! I am sorry for what you and Don have been facing these last few weeks. I was so hopeful that things would be rosy for you just by making the move to UofM. Guess it will take a bit more effort than just an ambulance ride.

Know that you and Don are never far from our thoughts & prayers. The mojo is working overtime trying to get to you.

You know you've got our love, every virtual hug you can stand, and telephone numbers out the ying yang if you need an ear. We are here for you, love.



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Hi Judy
Thanks for the update - I was worried about you and it sounds like you have both been through the wringer. So glad to hear Don is doing better today and that you have a doctor who is willing to talk to you and explain things. Don't forget to take care of yourself while you are busy taking care of Don. {{{hugs}}}

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