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Chemo start - how many days after liver resection

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Just had a live resection on 2 nd sugust. Still recovering at home.

Have another RFA required to be done to one tumour that was not resected.

How many days after resection is it wise to restate the balance mop up chemo without taking any chance of recurrence.

Have been off the chemo since 4 th June, it is over 2 and a half months now since last chemo of FOLFOX and erbitux.

Need another month to recover from the liver resection and th RFA procedure scheduled for 1 st week of sept.

That means I will have been off chemo for atleast 3 months. Is it too long ?

Any experiences, suggestions.

Thanks in anticipation

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but i think it should be ok. there usually is a window oncs work on in the uk. but mine didnt and allowed me to do ivf for three to four months after surgery. then i started on the chemo. hugs

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From what I have read from others, it seems that it is fairly standard to have a "no chemo" period before and after surgery to allow the body to be in best condition possible and have recovery time.

Your doctor is the best source to address your concerns about being off chemo for 3 months.

Marie who loves kitties

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my doctors wanted 6 week break from Erbitux and other med's prior to surgery and 6 to 8 weeks before restarting the mop-up/maintenance chemo after surgery.

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Glad to hear you made it through the surgery. I was just thinking about. I dont think that is too long. That is about the timeframe for each of my 3 liver resections.

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I had a resection lat i july and the onc wants to see me for an evaluation at the one month mark. I think that there is more chemo on the horizon (eight rounds of FOLFOX) but the start date is unclear. The first four rounds were very helpful and although I find the chemo tiring and difficult it seems worthwhile. HUGS and hopeful thoughts

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