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6 month check -the short version

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1. At 3 month check, surgeon said everything looked good and I could schedule the 6 month check with my gyn.
2. Surgeon called back a few days later and emphatically stated I needed to see her because the PAP showed atypical cells.
3. At 6 month check, surgeon said everything looked good and I could see my gynecologist for my 9 month check.
4. Surgeon's office called a few days later to tell me to see the surgeon instead of the gynecologist for the 3 month check because I didn't have enough cells in the sample to do the PAP smear successfully.

If it was SO important for me to see her because of the 3 month results, why is it okay to wait an additional 3 months before the next PAP smear? I would think they'd re-test sooner than that.

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Atypical cells are not uncommon depending upon what kind of treatment you had. I had atypical cells during one of my exams and I just had to go back in three months. But I always go to my gyne/oncologist for my exams since I was diagnosed and treated and that was in 2005. I still go every six months for exams.

I had brachytherapy and I also had to see the radiation/oncologist too. The atypical cells can be caused by having that treatment. Also, using any type of vaginal lubricant one or two days prior to your PAP may cause atypical cell results.

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Rather than waiting another three months for another PAP smear, I went to my regular gyn's office. The great news is that the cells were normal and I didn't have to wait another three months to hear those words. Even better is the report from the urologist that the bleeding was not due to some bladder issue. I may never know for sure where it's coming from, but I've ruled everything that could be bad.

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Hip hip hurrah!

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Glad you got good news and followed your gut instinct.

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