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My beautiful girl Kasey
Nov 24, 1997- Aug 21, 2012

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Words on a page seem so inadequate to express my sorrow for you and your family. May you find your pain be left in God as you travel this steep and rugged road. Cling to him and those around you as you reach for hope. May that hope be fulfilled as one day all our names shall be called and we shall gather in sweet embrace. Until that day, may a flood of memories sustain you in even a small way. May you find peace in knowing that you loved much and are loved. All of us traveling this road with you grieve with you and, with all the courage we can muster, as modeled by your sweet Kasey, boldly look even death in the face knowing that it is not for this life only that we hope.

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My heart aches for you and your family. God bless you! I will pray for continued strength.

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I don't post often, but read your posts. You have been so incredibly strong for your daughter, and she gained strength from that. There are no words. I have a big lump in my throat. I pray you can find comfort.

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Thank you Jesus for every beautiful moment for Tina and Kasey. Tina, may you have comfort and love during this difficult time. There are no words to make this journey easier. I send you God's love and our love.

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From one mom who has lost a child to another to this horrible disease: I am so sorry. I hope you have the support of family and friends to help you get through. It has been over 4 months now, and while we have seemed to have gotten our bearings now, we still have times when the pain is overwhelming. But one thing that gives me comfort is that I know for sure , that the bond between my son and me can never be broken. There are times when I feel his reassuring presence and then I know he is OK and happy.
I'm sure your daughter was like my son, and faced the inevitable with grace and courage. I hope when my time comes that I will be like him.
Peace and love,
Mother of David
Dx medulloblastoma in 1985 at age 8
26 years of remission
Dx AA3, April 2011
Passed away April 14, 2012

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I am so sorry for your loss, and my heart is breaking for you! You are one of the Mother's on here that fought this battle side by side with your child, and you are a great Mother. Kasey knew that, and know she is watching over you! I pray that God gives you Peace and Strength through this difficult time and in the future as well. I feel as though all of you on here are a part of my family, and it hurts me when one of us passes on. She is no longer suffering, but at peace. God Bless You!

Mobile, Al
DX 10/20/09

PBJ Austin
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I have SO dreaded this news. Your little girl was a part of our community and a part of our hearts. Sending much love, hugs and many prayers to you our dear friend.

I will always remember your Kasey.

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Dear Tina,

I haven't been on csn for a while--I've been overwhelmed with David's situation and the demands of his care. I was so shocked and upset and full of grief to read your post. Oh, Tina, I can only imagine what emotions are swirling around in your heart. I'm so very sorry for you....like everyone else has said, there are no words that I can say to bring any real comfort but please know that my heart is reaching out to you, and I'm weeping for the loss of your Kasey. I know that you have a real relationship with God...so do I...but it still hurts beyond description to lose a child, no matter how deep our faith is. I'm praying that God will give you peace and comfort and strength.

David is home on hospice now and he is declining each day. I'm fighting to make his days as pain-free as possible, and to have his loved ones and friends and family surrounding him as much as possible.

Love and blessings, peace and strength to you,

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I pray to God to bless you with grace to find comfort in your love and in the knowledge that you have done all in your power to treat your daughter.I lost my husband in July and I am sad , but trying hard to find peace.
Take Care!

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Very sorry for your loss and the pain you are going through. All the bad things are over for Kasey now. You are in my thoughts.

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I have stopped coming on here daily to begin to heal myself. I am so sad to read this news today. I am so very sorry there arent any words that I could said right now to make this any better. We share this bond on here and truly know your pain. May God give you a peace that surpasses understanding.

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