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great news

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Thanks guys for all you good advise, I just got back from my urologist today and he put me on WW and said see you in 3 months. Just call me hopeful and optimistic #2. Basically he said, we take no action with a 70 year old man with a Gleason 6 unless things change. The next biopsy will be more extensive in about a year and if things stay the same we my put it to bed. Any take on diet now that I have time on my side??

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Comment on diet, by all means yes. I changed my diet completely, no more junk food, refined sugar, and red meat. I am about 90 percent vegetarian, I do eat fish and chicken. There are a number of good books on the cancer diets. My wife reads them all of the time and lets me know what and what not to eat. The main focus to cut down on sugar as much as possible, no soda, or juice drinks with high fructose corn syrup. It is difficult to follow at times. The most difficult part was giving up soda pop. I have been following this the past 18 months now and it is working. Keep us posted


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A good diet for cancer patients is essentially the same as a "heart healthy" diet.

Two notable exceptions are the suggestion to avoid calcium and iron supplements because they are associated w/increased cancer risk.

Here's the link to a pdf of a paper on "Nutrition and Prostate Cancer" written by staff at the UCSF Med Center which gives an excellent overview of the topic:


Like laserlight and others here, I have significantly modified my diet since being diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer. I have almost entirely eliminated starches, bread, pasta and other grains from my diet and have substantially reduced (but have not entirely eliminated) alcohol, sodas & refined sugars, red meat and dairy. That said, my diet is now primarily veggie/fruit based. I also drink a large amount of green tea/water daily.

I made these changes mainly for general health reasons (not specifically to avoid or prevent the spread of prostate cancer) but have lost 30 lbs and reduced my body fat from 26 to 15% in the past 4 months as a result. Exercise (3-5x's/wk) has also been necessary to achieve these results.

Good luck in making whatever changes in your diet/health you want to achieve!

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Generally those who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer live longer that other men.
We, as a group, have made dietary and life style changes that are heart healthy( we are more likely to die as a result of heart disease than from prostate cancer}. This diet is also good to prevent pretty much every civilized disease, ie diabetics, colon cancer, etc

Diet has been a regular topic at this site, several of us have made life style changes.

There is a video FORKSoverKNIVES that talks about a vegetarian diet, and not eating meat or dairy products that has given several of us here a wake up call.

Additionally there is a book called "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell that the above video that I mentioned is based on.

My diet is somewhat similar to Swings, no meat, no dairy, no sugar additives. Additionally I eat very limited quantities of fish. I eat a predominately a vegetarian diet. I exercise every day, mainly walking and swimming and some resistance training.

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We have the book and dvd, this is very good place to start as far as diet, Hope has given you some very good eye opening advice

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Swing I too have changed my diet from lats year when diagnosed. Lost almost 2 inches in waste line and Cholesterol is down from 223 to 175. One question is grains. I still eat whole grain bread grape nuts and flax cereal. Pasta is either whole wheat or whole grain and I eat brown rice. Any thoughts on that?

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Dr. Mark Moyad, MD,MPH (University of Michigan, Jenkins/Pokempter Director of Preventive & Alternative Medicine) has written a booklet ("Promoting Wellness for Prostate Cancer Patients") that covers diet, medicines, supplements, etc. Basically Moyad feels a Heart Healthy Diet Equals a Prostate Healthy Diet .... Very much in line with the references given by previous posters to this tread. He also gives a review of supplements that I found very helpful.

If you are interested in ideas for receipes you might want to check out Mark Milken's cook book, "The Taste for Living Cookbook". Mark (the financial guy who got into a lot of trouble in years past) was diagnosed with gleason 9 prostate cancer and has been able to hold the cancer in check for several years. He attributes much of his success to his changes in diet. Again, the changes he advocates are basically ones that also encourage heart health.

Here's a link to the Prostate Cancer Research Institutes page that contains links covering diets, etc.:

Best of Luck in your fight againt PCa.

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is the expert's expert about diet for prostate cancer. A great book. 3rd edition in 2010. He also is a great lecturer and writes articles for various prostate publications.

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