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I just had my port removed. I know a lot of you have left them in after treatment. I wanted to be free of it since I am very active and have a history of DVT's.

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I know you're glad to have it out. It's a nice feeling. Congrats and best of luck going forward:)


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Best of luck to you on finishing your treatments :) May you never need a port AGAIN!!!!

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I had mine removed as soon as could. Hope like me you will not require one ever again. Good luck!

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Isn't that a relief. Mine hurt because it was right on my collar bone and because there was no fat between my skin and the collar bone it would be like it was digging into my bone - wow and if I'd hug someone and forget, it hurt more. Glad that you got it out. They didn't put me out while taking it out. Twlight sleep never works on me anyway. Go hug a friend :)


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be a Tawny Port!
If/when I get mine out I will seal it in lucite and make a paperweight out of it...

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What a good use of this nasty thing.. I am almost 1/2 way through treatments. Maybe I'll have mine made into a sinker and use it to do a little ice fishing. :-)

God Bless you all!

Phil (blog: http://pscamihorn.me)

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I waited to have my port removed for two years - thought that would be a good timeframe for rectal cancer. I may need it again in the future. But it was a good feeling to have it removed. It always bothered me. Although my son's friends thought it was way cool, that and the 46 hour pump. Go figure!

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Thanks for the input everyone. BTW I am in treatment right now with 9 more sessions left.

Like everything else in life, there are no certainties here. One side of the coin is how much your port bothers you. Mine bothers me a bit but not really terrible. The other side is the chances of needing it again. All we can do is get the best advice we can from our doctors and make the best decision that we can when the treatment ends. That is when I will decide. It will be great to have it out as a symbolic victory over this hideous disease, but I must not lose sight of the real goal here, which is an actual victory.

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My onc didnt want me to take it out by i insisted on it. Cancer is on my mind nearly 24/7 so i dont need any more ugly reminders. Besides its easy enough to have it put back in. Compared to liver surgery and i have had 3 port placement is like getting a stitch in your finger.

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the way my port feels. And I get nauseous when I feel it. I'm going to get rid of it the first chance I can. :-)

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My port was irritating me from the inside out. I lost weight and got very fit while on Chemo. I could feel the port scratching me from the inside. My Doc told me I was imagining that feeling. As soon as the port came out the irritation went away. Imagine that!

Best Always, mike

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My port bothers me tooo..soketimes it hurts to have anything touch the sit. Unfortunarltely for me I jeed it right now.

Congrats on this little step towards normalcy.


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