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Update on my mom

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Ok after several nervous weeks and 4 unplanned weeks off since her first chemotherapy infusion my mom receives her 2nd infusion today. If you recall after her first infusion her blood levels were horrible and they discovered she had a UTI infection which got into her blood. She completed her antibiotic of cipro and the infection is cleared. Her oncologist said he was very surprised at how well her sacral met responded to radiation.

He was not happy she had to miss 4 weeks of chemotherapy but said they are back on schedule. I want to thank all of you guys for this wonderful board.

When she was diagnosed in June I went to a very dark place and since then my mind set has changed dramatically. I found taking this all one battle at a time is how you survive. You cannot look ahead and you cannot look back. The shorter the memory the better and we are taking one day at a time. So for now we are happy with the good news about her sacral met :-)

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Terrific news on the radiation response to the sacral met.

Continued good luck and best wishes for you both.

If you'll think back to the fable about the Tortoise and the Hare...

The race is not always won by the swiftest - rather, slow and steady steps can still get you to the finish line - and where you want to go.

Take care

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both for your mum clinically as well as for you mentally. You are both doing as well as could possibly be hoped for. Long may it continue,


Brenda Bricco
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I'm glad your Mom's infection has cleared and she is able to resume treatment.
There really are a lot of stages we go through when someone we love is diagnosed. I think after the shock wears off either anger or depression sets in. My husband's uncle was diagnosed a couple months back with lung cancer that spread through out his body. It was hard talking and seeing him but I found it extremely difficult to talk to his wife/ look her in the eyes because it reminded me too much of those first weeks after my husband was diagnosed. It was a very sad and scary time, one I do not care to relive. It breaks my heart that I felt that way, I think I have just hurt too much for the last year and a half and can't handle seeing her hurt. The way I have coped is to take every thing a day at a time and when that was too much, I go at life by the hour.
Hang in there... don't forget to take care of yourself and come here when you need to vent, cry or get some advice. We are here when you need us.
GOD's blessings to you.

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So great to hear,I have been thinking of you both this week!

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