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Putting things in perspective

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Although it is not my habit to post a lot about my follow-up, I had my six month post rads exam yesterday. Thusfar, all is negative. I was reflecting on this on the long drive home from St Louis, and again the obvious occured to me. For those who dont know my background, I was treated with radiation for BOT cancer in 1998, and had a disease free interval of 12 years. I then had a second cancer, floor of mouth, treated with radical surgery in 2010, but had a rapidly enlarging reoccurance in the soft palate late last year. I was therefore treated with chemorads, ending in late February this year.

I was in real difficulty with the reoccurance. It was significantly interfering with eating, and I had lost about 30 lbs in the six weeks before chemo started reducing the tumor. I am now six months out from the end of treatment, NED and doing quite well. Eating is still pretty slow, but otherwise my function is high. I would have died by now without the latest intervention. My nutritional compromise would have guaranteed it. Just something I think about from time to time. And it is why I dont let the grass grow under my feet.

best to all of you.


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Isn't it amazing how one or two incidents in our lives can totally change our outlook on things? Keep on cutting the grass.


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I'm glad this time you posted ! I'm still a newbie here compared to alot of you. And posts from you all keep me plugging after the end line. Was on another blog with people blaming the pharmacuticals and doctors on why there isn't a cure yet. I know some say not to be looking up things...but I've always been a book, and net fanatic. I use the net as a library. NO...there isn't a conspiracy therory that holds water. I believe you are dead on with not letting grass grow under our feet. (by the way love that saying !) You are an inspiration, as are quite a few I've met cyber space...and in person that has beat this thing back down several times. I'm praying every day for a permanant fix (cure) for us all ! Thank you Pat, and also again great news ! Katie

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Great post...I look at this time in my life 8 months out of treatment as the year of me...no more working 10+ hour days, no more stress about things that I can't control, good bye most of my type A personality...hello living and having fun.

Best of the best to you for continued good health.


Mrs. Sarge
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Pat, so glad for you!! You've been so much help on these boards for so many of us, and through all your trials and pain, given expert advice and tips and it's SO appreciated.
The BEST to you!!

Mrs. Sarge
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How did your roof of mouth present itself? Pain, tumor?

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this roof of mouth reoccurance was no exception. I developed a new post nasal discharge, and had gradually increasing trouble swallowing. It was really pretty subtle, as I had always had the swallowing trouble since my radical surgery. And my weight loss was much more than expected, likely from hypermetabolism from the cancer itself. I dont know there is a single take home lesson in any of this.


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You just wanted to meet me, I know....LOL.

Glad you are doing well brother, cheering for your continued progress and success....

BTW, I thought that Massey kept the grass from growing under foot.


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Your post is so inspirational to all of us finishing the treatment for first time! Thanks so much for sharing this. I wish you many more ned results.


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Mrs. Sarge was reading my mind when I started reading this section. She took the words (almost word for word) right out of my brain. Pat, you truly are an inspiration to those who read your posts and I hope you have a long, HEALTHY life from now on.

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So true and well said.

Thank you too for all your posts. On a personal note, you have certainly helped me at times when I just did not know what to think or do. Thank you for that.

Love the attitude of life in your post. Prayers that you are blessed with a long full life!!


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Thrilled with the results you received, no doubt worth the drive to STL. I was right next door at Mo Baptist yesterday to start neck massage therapy. Probably crossed paths on 270. Glad you are home safe and doing so well.

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Hi Pat,

Reflecting on, contemplating about life’s surprises and outcomes is magnified 10 fold for people like us. Living a non-eventful (health wise) life is easy. I can honestly say I had no idea what H&N patients were going through until I became one myself. Pat, I am happier than you know about your good out come and your perseverance to be here for your self and of course for the rest of us.

Keep living and sharing.



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D Lewis
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I think I can see forever. Pat, it's good to have you around.


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Not letting the grass grow under your feet? Don't let the snakes get near them either. Glad you are still part of us!

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Tonsil Dad
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I'm glad to be a part of this board with people like you Pat, you have
always posted what I wanted to hear. Its a shame you had to battle this beast
three times but you still continue to live and love life that is what is most
inspirational to the rest of us. I too have a new prespective on my life
now I've been given a second chance, things I took for granted are now
more important and the material things don't matter.
My faith has also got stronger.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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I prefer the term Cancer Combatant to Cancer Survivor for myself and most of us. I think Survivor should be used for those rare individuals who have rid themselves of the Curse. But for most of us, it is just a battle. We can beat the Beast back, but we can't kill it. So all that's left is having the best day we can, every day. Participate in the treatments that will extend our lives. It's funny. I might be happier now than during most of the years of my life. I think it's because I'm no longer in quest of foolish goals. My only goal is to make it to the end of the day (week, month, year) and have a laugh or two. And a doughnut.

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I'm rather partial to Krispy Kreme Glazed....


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Probably expecting something smart-arse from me here (especially with Skiff right in front of me).

But I think Deb said it perfectly - It's good to have you around!

Thanks for posting this.


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love the news "NED and I are doing quite well" and i will add that your days will slowly continue to get better and better

congrats and thanks for the reminder keep the grass from growing under my feet


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Hi Pat,

I am so glad you are well. I was thinking about you often. You are an amazing person. I am so glad I am getting to know you.......and there is more to come :)

Hopefully you can eat more easily soon.

Way to go Pat. Sue xxx

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